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Robin Gets A Special Visitor: Michael Sutton Returns to 'GH'


Robin Gets A Special Visitor: Michael Sutton Returns to 'GH'

Emmy nominee Michael Sutton will reprise his role as Michael “Stone” Cates this fall.

In a move right out of the pages of a “General Hospital” fan fiction, Emmy nominee Michael Sutton will reprise his role as Michael “Stone” Cates this fall. Sutton’s character, Stone, was last seen on the sudser 15 years ago when his street kid character Stone succumbed to AIDS in one of “General Hospital’s” most poignant and socially relevant stories ever. Sutton will return to the soap for a 2-episode run kicking off on September 28th.

Before Stone died, “General Hospital” made the socially conscious decision to have Stone’s girlfriend, Robin Scorpio (played by Emmy winner Kimberly McCullough), contract the virus. On the show, the character of Robin has been living with HIV for 15 years. Though Sutton has always maintained he would not return to General Hospital after leaving in 1995, he will now return at a time that Robin needs Stone the most.

Stone will appear, not as a ghost, to Robin “when she finds herself in a physically perilous situation and becomes delirious,” according to TV Guide’s Michael Logan. Next week, Robin will learn the truth about Patrick’s (Jason Thompson) extramarital hookup with a former flame of his own, Lisa (Brianna Brown). When Stone appears to Robin, she has split up with Patrick and is in dire circumstances. Stone gives Robin the will to live for her daughter Emma’s sake.

A rep for the show tells TV Guide that “General Hospital’s” own Romeo & Juliet will talk about their own past together and bring closure to what happened to them 15 years ago. Where will this leave things with fan favorites Robin & Patrick? The GH writers have had Brianna Brown flip the crazy switch with her take on the interloping Lisa and it only gets more interesting from here. You’ll have to tune in weekdays this fall to find out how the story plays out!

Sutton has been out of the acting game for much of his time since leaving General Hospital. He has been a huge success in the nightclub and restaurant industry in Los Angeles. He’s had ownership in The Lodge Steakhouse, Memphis, Charcoal, Goa and Guys and Dolls. One of his clubs was featured on a previous season of MTV’s “The Hills.”

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