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GH Previews: Week of August 16


GH Previews: Week of August 16

Lisa continue to be a cause of concern for Patrick. When his family is threatened will he do the right thing and come clean?

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The week begins with Patrick confronting Lisa for her borderline stalking behavior while his wife Robin was away. Robin returns to Port Charles to find all of her protocol meds for her HIV missing. Matt and Maxie play detective and continue to monitor the drama between Patrick and Lisa. A concerned Maxie asks her detective pal Lucky to dig into Lisa’s past for clues. A guilt-ridden Patrick is shocked by Lisa’s threat on Robin’s life, but he covers suggesting that Robin possibly misplaced the missing meds. Maxie reveals the truth to Robin that Lisa was in her home while she was in New York. Later, Patrick and Robin return home to discover that Lisa has taken Emma out without their knowledge for ice cream.


A protective Dante continues to cover up Michael’s involvement with the drive by Lopez shooting. Carly and Spinelli plan to jeopardize Dante’s career and incriminate him in their scheme to transfer seemingly illegal drug funds into Dante’s bank account, unbeknownst to Dante. Later, Carly gives Brook an ultimatum to seduce Dante and quick!  Jason counsels Carly to abandon her scheming against Dante and Lulu, but Carly is hell bent on revenge. To fulfill Carly’s revenge plot, Brook slips Dante a mickey. Lulu comes home to find Brook straddling Dante in a passionate kiss. A furious Lulu yanks a scantily clad Brook off of Dante by her hair and slaps her out of Dante’s place. Lulu questions a drugged out Dante about his past with Brook. Lulu tells Maxie all about finding Dante stoned and making out with Brook. A perceptive Maxie confronts Brook, convinced that the girl drugged her best friend’s man. Dante begs for Lulu’s forgiveness and swears he can’t remember anything. Detective Falconeri asks Brook outright if she slipped him something. Brook feigns innocence with the sharp-as-a-spoon Dante, who believes her and decides to put the past behind the two of them.


Johnny tells Ethan that he will get away with Sonny’s murder by making it look like self-defense and killing him in a public place. Brenda reveals she is skittish at the thought of marriage since she has been unsuccessful at the altar three times. Ronnie brings Jason and Michael in for questioning. Carly fumes when Morgan runs away from home to see his dad. Elizabeth decides to move to Wyndemere with her children. Maya tells Johnny of her fears for Ethan’s safety. Sam concocts a plan to clear Jason’s name from being tossed around in the Tomas Lopez murder by turning things around on Santos Lopez. Mike refuses to serve Johnny at Kelly’s. Brenda gets a visit from Franco’s art dealer and turns down Franco’s proposal to be the face of his new masterpiece. Sonny and Brenda can’t connect.


Sonny and Brenda flash back to the day Sonny proposed on Monday, August 16.

Jason is reunited with Sam on Tuesday, August 17.

Maxie and Lucky share a close moment when they examine his drug addicted past on Wednesday, August 18.

After turning down Murphy’s proposal due to harboring feelings for a past love, Brenda attempts to call Sonny on Thursday, August 19.

Sonny and Johnny have a showdown on Baker Street and shots ring out on Friday, August 19.


Brenda turns down Franco’s offer.  When Patrick confesses his infidelity to Robin, will she be able to forgive her husband’s indiscretion? Kristina stands by Johnny’s side. Jason & Sam come under fire.

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