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AMC Previews: Week of August 16


AMC Previews: Week of August 16

Ryan and Kendall have a plan to get the goods on David.

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Ryan and Kendall break into David and Greenlee’s room at the Yacht Club and try to break into David’s safe.  Kendall tries to convince David that Greenlee is going along with his blackmailing scheme. Ryan explains to Greenlee that he and Kendall are going to plant a bug in hopes they can get some incriminating evidence on David.  David questions why the Slaters have returned to Pine Valley. Greenlee gets a hold of David’s phone and gives it to Ryan. Greenlee goes to Ryan’s place and gets caught up in the memories that she and Ryan shared together.


JR and Annie make it clear to Scott and Marissa that they didn’t sleep together.  JR calls Scott out on his lies.  JR tries to convince Marissa not to leave him.  Annie begs Scott to give them another chance.  Marissa promises Scott that they’re affair will stay a secret.  Marissa’s guilt gets the best of her.

Frankie witnesses a tender moment between Ryan and Madison. Frankie opens up to Madison about what’s happening with Angie.  Natalia notices the closeness between Frankie and Madison and starts to question her brother.  Jesse and Angie are overjoyed when they see their healthy baby. Angie has another vision attack, this time in front of David.  Jesse and Frankie continue to research Angie’s condition.


Zach catches Ryan and Kendall together on Monday, August 16.

Zach and Kendall meet Caleb on Tuesday, August 17.

Jake plans to take over as Chief Of Staff on Wednesday, August 18.

Madison tells Greenlee if she truly cares about Ryan she will give him some rest on Thursday, August 19.

David asks Angie about her eyes on Friday, August 20.


Marissa and Scott make confessions.  Angie admits her medical condition to David.  Kendall opens up to Bianca. Ryan and Madison’s chemistry heats up.

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