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OLTL Previews: Week of August 16


OLTL Previews: Week of August 16

Starr is upset about Langston’s date with James.

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Blair spills the beans to Eli that he’s suspected of murder but she remains supportive and agrees to marry him sooner rather than later. After their argument ends in a kiss, David and Dorian also confess their love and plan to wed and the two engaged couples plan a double ceremony. Greg notifies Eli that Tea is at hospice and everything is proceeding according to their plan. Eli’s schemes begin to unravel as Hannah reveals everything she knows about Eli to John, including how he forced Ford into naming her as his assailant. John hauls Ford in for questioning, and interrogates him until Ford spills the details of his past with Eli. Natalie pieces together a mug shot of Bennett Thompson, aka Elijah Clarke, from the shredded files Kelly and Rex stole from Eli’s room. With Ford’s confession and the reconstructed mug shot, John has the evidence he needs to convince Bo and Nora to file charges against Eli, but Inez contacts Eli to intervene on Ford’s behalf. Eli coerces Ford into recanting his statement. John arrests Kelly, explaining that the only way they can use the mug shot is if the evidence is also part of another criminal case – against her! On the run from John, Eli catches up with Blair and informs her there’s been a change in plans.


Dorian’s delight about Langston’s new man, James, turns to dismay when she learns he is Ford’s brother. Starr is upset about Langston’s date with James, and she and Cole have a tense conversation when he tells her about Hannah’s innocence. Viki learns Natalie is pregnant. Jessica is deeply disturbed to learn that she and Ford did sleep together, and Brody overhears her scheduling a paternity test. Todd and Dani continue to suffer over Tea’s absence and Todd enlists Shaun’s help in finding Tea. David warns Nora about Bo and Inez. Dorian admits to Viki that her plan succeeded and invites her to the wedding.


Jessica confronts Ford about having sex with her. Jessica reveals to him that she’s pregnant and tells him it’s Brody’s on Monday, August 16.

Starr is upset that Langston has accepted a date with James on Tuesday, August 17.

Brody walks in on Jessica as she’s calling her OB inquiring about a paternity test on Wednesday, August 18.

Ford tells John about his past with Eli on Thursday, August 19.

Dorian drops in on Viki with news of her imminent nuptials on Friday, August 20.


Kelly seeks help from a surprising ally in her search for evidence against Eli. John shares the news of his approaching fatherhood. A blast from Tea’s past is devastated to learn of her condition. David and Dorian repeat old patterns.

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