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ATWT Previews: Week of August 16


ATWT Previews: Week of August 16

Reid once again insists that Chris come clean with Katie as his health continues to deteriorate.

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Reid once again insists that Chris come clean with Katie as his health continues to deteriorate. Not wanting to be caught receiving treatments at the hospital, Chris books a room at the Lakeview. Meanwhile, Luke runs into Noah who is on his way to the Lakeview for a meeting with his grant officer. Noah sadly admits that he’s always envisioned going to L.A. with Luke. After his meeting, Noah sees Reid with his arms around another man. Suspicious, Noah calls Luke to tell him what he saw. Upstairs, Reid gives Chris his first round of medication. Feeling a little bit better, Chris asks Katie to a cocktail party hosted by the board of trustees. At the party, Chris is able to articulate his ideas for the hospital but his condition suddenly worsens. Reid is able to cover for Chris just in time. Luke oversees this interaction, and he wonders why Reid would do such a thing for someone he is competing with. Reid confesses that he’s been treating Chris as a patient.

Barbara and Emily accidentally start a fire in the Fairwinds wine cellar in their efforts to escape. Fearing that it might be the end, Barbara tries to make amends with Emily. Henry wants Katie to go to Sweden with him to find Vienna because he is sure she knows where Barbara is. Carly tries to seduce Blackthorn into admitting that he has been the one sabotaging her business deals. Gabriel goes to tell Craig that Lucinda is actually the one behind the collapse of the perfume company.

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