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GH Previews: Week of September 6


GH Previews: Week of September 6

Sonny and Brenda’s reunion may be short lived thanks to Balkan’s thugs!

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Sonny and Brenda lock eyes as Brenda is attacked by the Balkan’s thugs.  After Sonny stops the kidnapping attempt, the two run away and hide together. When Murphy safely escapes the thugs, he tells Suzanne about the attack and asks her about the identity of the “dark-haired man” Brenda took off with. Elsewhere, Brenda explains to Sonny she is engaged to movie star extraordinaire Murphy Sinclair. Sonny then explains to Brenda that he is on the run because of a shoot-out with Johnny Zacchara. Brenda counsels Sonny to go back to Port Charles and turn himself in for the sake of his kids. Back in Port Charles, Sam overhears Jason ask Spinelli to uncover everything he can about Brenda. Jason confides in Sam his fears that he will fail to prove Sonny’s innocence despite Dante’s help on the case. Suzanne insists Brenda return to the U.S. for her own safety, but Brenda refuses. Later, Brenda is snatched up by two thugs. Sonny returns to Port Charles and turns himself into PCPD. Sonny tells Dante that he returned for the sake of his children. Jason and Dante begin to suspect that Ronnie disposed of Johnny’s gun. The unlikely duo conveniently find a construction worker who has cell phone footage confirming Johnny pulled what looks like a gun on Sonny — proving the mob boss fired in self-defense.


Robin is unnerved when she discovers Emma’s favorite toy boiling in a beaker in her research lab. A furious Robin confronts Lisa in front of several sets of eyes at the hub. With her violent outburst, Steve has no option but to suspend Robin. Lisa confides her version of the “truth” to Maya and carefully trashes Robin’s image. Steve overhears Lisa talking and recognizes that Lisa has truly lost it. Patrick is crushed when Robin takes Emma and moves out. Patrick manages to convince Robin that they need to work together as a team to protect Emma, at least for the time being.  Patrick sets their plan in motion by strategically letting Lisa know Robin has left him. Patrick continues to bait Lisa with the idea that Patrick is now available. Maxie gets in on the ruse and drops a hint to Lisa that Robin and Emma are in the park.  Lisa promptly arrives in the park to witness Patrick and Robin staging a fight for her benefit. Patrick and Robin hope their ruse will convince Lisa that she has successfully broken up their marriage.


Dante, Spinelli and Jason work together to clear Sonny’s name in Johnny’s shooting. Michael opens up to Kristina and Carly about how he’s changed. Matt calls Maxie out on her lingering remorse over Spinelli. Lulu is stunned to learn that her brother Nikolas has taken in her nemesis, Brook Lynn, and offered her a job. After Dante and Lulu have sex, Michael majorly overreacts when he accidentally walks in on a scantily clad Lulu. Johnny and Olivia can’t get past Johnny’s vendetta against Sonny. Nikolas asks Alexis for help with Brook. Tracy confesses to Lucky that she misses Luke. Lucky agrees to help Tracy bring Luke home.


Encore Episode on Monday, September 6th.

Sonny rescues Brenda from a kidnapping attempt on Tuesday, September 7th.

Carly seduces Jax on Wednesday, September 8th.

Johnny and Olivia attempt to kick start their relationship on Thursday, September 9th.

Sonny turns himself over to the custody of the Port Charles Police Department on Friday, September 10th.


Jason reluctantly travels to Rome and encounters a stubborn Brenda. Carly accuses Jax of thinking of Brenda when they slept together. Sam feels insecure when it comes to Brenda. Michael gets in a fight on his first day of school. Lucky works with Interpol and assumes the identity of an Irish assassin named Ronan O’Reilly. Robin, Patrick and Steve work together. Sonny and Claire hit the sheets.

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