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OLTL Previews: Week of September 20


OLTL Previews: Week of September 20

With emotions raw, Blair and Todd show up in court to find out if Tea’s will is legally binding.

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With emotions raw, Blair and Todd show up in court to find out if Tea’s will is legally binding.  Destiny and Dani slip in to the courtroom undetected to find out what’s up.  Todd contests Ross’s presumed custody of Dani, and the judge questions Todd, Blair and Ross.  Dani and Destiny listen to the testimony from their hiding place, but Dani wants to be heard and makes her presence known.  The judge allows Dani to take the stand.  The judge postpones a decision and while the judge deliberates, Todd grows restless with the legal system and decides to take action.

In a separate court proceeding, Nora explains to the judge that Hannah is responsible for Eli escaping justice and The People will press charges.  Marty testifies that Eli manipulated Hannah, and the judge agrees to release Hannah into Marty’s custody.  Ford’s courtship of Langston takes a turn for the worse when he learns Langston set him up to be fired!  The consequences of Langston’s revenge are huge since James was relying on Ford’s position at the college to provide him with free tuition.  Starr encourages James to not give up.  James learns a grant he was counting on is no longer available, and he anesthetizes the pain by stealing a kiss from Starr.

When Starr breaks off the kiss, she and James admit their feelings for one another are more complex than mere friendship, but Starr maintains that is all they can ever be because she loves and is committed to Cole. Nora wonders why Bo is telling Inez unflattering details about Clint, Cristian is missing Layla like crazy and Rex and Gigi’s courtship is strained by Kelly’s interests. On a brighter note, Brody and Jessica’s courtship gets back on track when Brody convinces Jessica he will love this baby as his own no matter what the paternity results are and Clint comforts Inez when she’s upset about problems with her sons. Langston runs into Markko at the coffee shop.


Rex discovers evidence that Clint is involved in David’s disappearance but Clint tries to bribe Rex to keep quiet.  Clint explains to Matthew that business can be brutal.  Clint helps James get the grant he needs to go to college.  Gigi loses the grant and tells Cristian she’ll have to drop his class, but accepts a position as his assistant.  Rex confronts Clint about Gigi’s sudden reversal of fortune and lies to Kelly about finding David.  The Ford/Salinger brothers bond.  John and Natalie grow more suspicious when they see Ross at Rodi’s.


Destiny and Dani sneak into the courtroom to find out what’s happening with Tea’s will on Monday, September 20.

Kelly takes a BE security key card when she visits Clint and passes it off to Rex on Tuesday, September 21.

Matthew finds Rex having broken into the BE office and wants to know what he’s doing going through his uncle’s files on Wednesday, September 22.

Nora’s surprised to learn that Bo has told Inez some unsavory details about Clint and wonders if Bo is trying to talk Inez out of dating his brother on Thursday, September 23.

Todd is unwilling to leave Dani’s future up to a judge and decides to take action on Friday, September 24.

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