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AMC Previews: Week of September 20


AMC Previews: Week of September 20

Frankie reassures Randi that he only has eyes for her.

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Randi doesn’t like what she witnesses between Frankie and Madison. Randi confronts Madison and tells her not to let her husband comfort her anymore.  Madison tells Frankie that something happened between them.  Frankie insists to Madison that they can only be friends and she agrees.  Frankie assures Randi that he only has eyes for her and suggests they have a baby.  Randi turns cold when she sees Frankie and Madison together.   Brot reprimands Natalia after he overhears her telling Randi that she doesn’t like Madison’s reliance on Frankie.


Someone meets with Jesse at the crime scene and says they know who the murderer is. Kendall’s back in jail, but Jesse convinces the judge to let her out and a guarantee that she won’t run.  Jesse comes across four letters in the victim’s secret drawer connected to four women in Pine Valley. Jesse believes David committed suicide after reading the letter addressed to Greenlee and later shows the letters to Liza.  Jesse goes after a new suspect and informs him/her what he found.

Brot offers a friend some insight into how he felt after his transformation.  Tad runs into Liza. JR isn’t happy when Scott tells him that he’s working with Caleb on Chandler Europe. Tad and Damon’s relationship continues to flourish.  Caleb is attacked and blames JR. Kendall calls Zach.


A couple separately confides in Jake that their love for one another is dangerous on Monday, September 20th

Madison asks Kendall for advice on Tuesday, September 21st

Bianca and Kendall help out a friend on Wednesday, September 22nd

Asher gives JR a contract he took from Caleb on Thursday, September 23rd

Tad discovers something regarding the letters on Friday, September 24th


Bianca calls Caleb out on missing Erica. Kendall snaps. Colby worries about Asher’s involvement with JR. Someone reveals incriminating information to Liza. Will the prime suspect be denied bail?

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