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GH Previews: Week of September 20


GH Previews: Week of September 20

Lucky is kidnapped by the Balkan’s men, and wakes up tied up in a warehouse.

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In Rome, Jason faces the paparazzi as Brenda’s date at a gala. Later, Brenda opens up to her ex-husband about her dedication to ASEC, and they find comfort in one another’s experiences. When a photo of Brenda kissing Jason makes the rounds around the net, Spinelli tries to hide the picture from Sam, but Carly goes ballistic when she sees it. Suzanne does her best to put Brenda’s work in perspective for Jason, spelling it out that saving Brenda is saving many exploited children across the globe. Brenda fumes when she discovers Jason and Murphy discussing her love life. Brenda privately admits to Jason she is still hung up on Sonny after all these years. When Suzanne learns Jason is involved with the mob, she asks him to leave Rome. Brenda is attacked by the Balkan’s thugs in her hotel room, who question her about the Balkan’s money. Brenda denies stealing the Balkan’s money. Brenda is pumped full of heroin by the Balkan’s men, but luckily Jason bursts into the room in the nick of time, killing the thugs and getting Brenda the help she needs before she overdoses.


Lucky is kidnapped by the Balkan’s men, and wakes up tied up in a warehouse. Dante informs Lulu that her brother Lucky is undercover in Ireland, undercover after the most dangerous man in the world. Spinelli becomes suspicious of Dante’s personal knowledge of the Balkan. Dante warns Lulu that she will only make things more dangerous for Lucky if they go to Ireland to help him. Still, Lulu throws caution to the wind and decides to go to Ireland with or without Dante. On Lucky’s trail, Dante and Lulu arrive at Ronan’s hotel room in Ireland. Lucky escapes the Balkan’s captivity and runs back to Ronan’s local bar only to have his cover blown with Siobhan by Lulu and Dante. Dante and Lulu then pretend to be cops on the trail of Ronan O’Reilly to help sell Lucky’s cover.


Sonny uses Claire to distract himself from Brenda. Lisa asks a nurse to get her an unusually high-dose prescription for tranquilizers. Jax and Carly reunite their family, but Morgan may not be on board with the adoption any longer and Michael may be scarred by what he spies Jax & Carly doing. Matt rips into Patrick. Claire issues a stern warning to Johnny that she will prosecute him if he violates his truce with Sonny. Jax assures Carly that he’s done with Brenda. Robin catches Matt up on the latest news in the Lisa saga. Sonny tells Michael about his former love Brenda.  Olivia and Johnny decide to give their relationship yet another chance. Robin careens into a wooded ditch when driving under the influence of Lisa’s cocktail.

Sonny warns Michael that a career in the mob would only force him to sacrifice the people he cares about most. Steve discovers a dead nurse in the hospital stairwell. Robin wakes up in an unknown cabin with Lisa. Nikolas, who is single handedly keeping the employment rate among twentysomethings in Port Charles up, plans to hire Maxie as a stylist to prepare Brook Lynn for a posh weekend in the country. Patrick tries to convince Steve and Mac that Lisa is behind Emma & Robin’s disappearance.


Brenda tries Jason’s patience when she demands he attend a gala as her date on Monday, September 20th.

Lisa mixes Robin’s HIV meds with tranquilizers on Tuesday, September 21st.

A paparazzi photo of Brenda kissing Jason on the cheek hits the gossip blogs and magazines on Wednesday, September 22nd.

Sam tries to help Michael sort through his personal demons on Thursday, September 23rd.

Jason saves the day when the Balkan’s thugs pump Brenda full of heroin and she nearly overdoses on Friday, September 24th.


Jason tries to convince Brenda to return to Port Charles for safety’s sake. Robin takes a fall down a well and sees visions of her first love Stone. Siobhan discovers Lucky’s true identity. Will Sam and Jason call it quits? Maxie sees green when she witnesses Spinelli’s Brenda obsession. Lisa becomes undone.

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AMC Previews: Week of September 20

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