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GH Previews: Week of October 18


Lucky and Siobhan discover that Brenda is in Port Charles.

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Brenda works to convince Dante of Sonny’s innocence in the car bomb case. Sonny chases after Brenda only to have her reaffirm her stance that they have no future. Spinelli tells Jason the Balkan has gone out of his way to be invisible on cyberspace. Brenda becomes emotional when she asks Jason to help keep her away from Sonny. Brenda finds herself close in a kiss with Sonny and breaks away. Sonny decides to give Brenda space, but refuses to give up on them. Jason updates Sonny on Brenda’s status with the Balkan. Brenda calls Robin and begs her friend to help keep Sonny away. Carly enjoys telling Claire that Brenda dumped Sonny. Claire asks Dante to investigate Brenda. Jason and Suzanne press Brenda to reveal the truth behind the Balkan’s attack on her, but Brenda remains quiet. Carly kisses Jason to incite jealousy from Jax. Brenda tells Spinelli that she always hurts the men she falls in love with. Sonny and Claire realize Carly set them up on a dinner date. Sonny apologizes for breaking things off, and he and Claire agree to start dating again. Sonny confronts Dante about Brenda, just as Brenda gets a visit from Lulu.


After having sex, Siobhan convinces Lucky to take her along with him to find Brenda. Lucky and Siobhan discover that Brenda is in Port Charles. Luke turns to Carly for a favor – a room at the Metro Court until Tracy decides to take him back. Ethan fills Luke in about being attacked by Johnny’s men on the Balkan’s orders because of his father’s ties to “Ronan O’Reilly.” Luke meets with Jason to talk about the Balkan. Lucky and Siobhan get out of a tight squeeze and later, Lucky insists Siobhan come back to Port Charles with him for their safety and to maintain their cover to the Balkan. Tracy informs Luke she’ll consider marrying him if he returns her $10 million. Ethan comes up with a plan to get his father back on Tracy’s good side. As Ethan and Maya share a kiss, Luke collapses in front of Tracy, faking a heart attack. Someone on the Balkan’s payroll photographs a meeting between Lucky and Jason. Lucky asks Nikolas to house Siobhan at Wyndemere while Lucky tries to find Brenda for the Balkan. Tracy believes Luke is faking, until Lulu makes an emotional plea on her father’s behalf and Maya doctors Luke’s test results to convince Tracy. Tracy promises to take care of Luke, believing his life is on the line.


Robin slaps Lisa when Patrick’s ex pushes her buttons. Mayor Floyd enlists Ronnie’s help to push Dante off the police force. Robin self-incriminates with Steve when she assumes Lisa has reported her to the chief of staff. Conflicted over his past decisions, Dante takes out his guilt on his brother Michael. Steve jumps to Lisa’s defense with Patrick, who argues that Lisa is as nuts as ever. Ronnie cautions Dante that Mayor Floyd has it in for him. Lisa makes sure she takes a room at the MetroCourt on the same floor as Patrick. Jason and Sam start to get hot and heavy, but Sam refuses to have sex with Jason while Brenda is at the penthouse.  Ronnie understands where Dante’s coming from, but insists Dante focus on convicting Sonny. Epiphany warns Robin that if she continues to lash out at Lisa, the crazy stick is going to point at herself and no one else. Charmed by Brook Lynn, Nikolas continues to pay her to be his escort to social events. When Robin thinks Lisa is messing with her patients, Steve doubts Lisa is guilty in light of her squeaky clean hospital record.  Michael admits that he finds Brenda attractive. Robin falsely accuses Lisa and starts to spin out of control just as Lisa planned. Spinelli comes to Maxie and Lulu’s defense when Kate berates them for not getting Brenda on the cover of Crimson. Robin has a heart-to-heart with Maxie and then confronts Patrick for the end of their marriage.


Lisa confronts Patrick in the hospital locker room in only her skivvies on Monday, October 18th.

Lucky comes up with a lie to save his and Siobhan’s lives when he is ordered to kill her on Tuesday, October 19th.

Carly calls Jax out on his feelings for Brenda on Wednesday, October 20th, only to discover he is remodeling part of the MetroCourt as an apartment for his former flame.

Sonny and Claire are set up on a dinner date on Thursday, October 21st.

A desperate Carly becomes convinced that the only way to save her marriage is to sleep with Jason on Friday, October 22nd.


Lucky and Jason plan to lure the Balkan out of hiding. Sonny witnesses a tender moment between Jax and Brenda. Lulu and Lucky join forces to reunite Luke and Tracy. A witch takes off with Emma!

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