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AMC Previews: Week of October 18


Jackson is willing to do whatever it takes to help Greenlee’s case — even if it means sacrificing Ryan.

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Liza spies a spontaneous kiss between Ryan and Greenlee. Greenlee tries to talk about the kiss with Ryan, but he insists it should never have happened. Under Liza’s questioning, Kendall reveals that David was in possession of papers that indicated Greenlee attempted to bring Erica’s plane down.  Erica testifies that David may have used drugs to get what he wanted. Jackson executes his trial strategy which includes implicating Ryan and others as possible suspects in David’s murder. Madison testifies that her jealousy drove her to lie, and that Ryan was eager to help Greenlee escape David’s influence.  Angie also understands Jackson’s strategy, and she takes the stand and admits she blamed David for her blindness.  Greenlee feels betrayed when Jackson calls Nick Pearson to the stand and he testifies that he saw Ryan running from David’s room.

Emma has a strong reaction to Annie’s intentions to move from the mansion, and Annie overindulges at a bar, and gets out of control. JR comes to Annie’s rescue over her objections. JR persuades Annie to stay the night with him since she’s too drunk to drive and has no place to stay.  Asher takes Colby to the station to see Scott, but she’s too late. He’s already been transferred to prison.  When Colby returns home, she’s shocked to discover Annie there in a bathrobe and jumps to the wrong conclusion. Caleb threatens JR, but Asher gives JR a powerful piece of information.  A very hung over Annie interrupts JR as he tries to give Marisa an anniversary gift. He explains that Annie is moving out, and warns Marisa not to fight him for custody.  JR is upset that Annie interrupted, but he thanks her for staying quiet about Scott’s motivations.


Frankie treats Liza for dehydration at the hospital, and she swears him to secrecy.  Natalia and Brot fantasize about getting married.  Brot confronts Natalia and tells her he’s tired of her minimizing what they share.  Angie tends to a victim of abuse at the Miranda Center.   Zach returns and tells Kendall he’s home to stay.


Erica tells the court she doesn’t think Greenlee tried to sabotage her plane on Monday October 18.

Natalia envisions being left at the altar, and Brot pictures Natalia saying she can’t marry him because they’re just friends on Tuesday, October 19.

Asher recounts the story of how Caleb killed his mother when he was just a baby on Wednesday, October 20.

Alone in her room, sobbing, Annie packs her bags while JR overhears on Thursday, October 21.

Zach returns to Pine Valley and tells Kendall he’s home for good on Friday, October 22.


Will Madison end things with Ryan when he confesses he may have really killed David, and he confesses his love for Greenlee on the witness stand?

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