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OLTL Previews: Week of October 18


OLTL Previews: Week of October 11

Eli’s sinister plan unfolds…

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Tea and Dani share an emotional reunion.  An unconscious Greg is Eli’s confidante as he reveals his plan to use Tea to get Blair and the money he covets.  Eli injects something into Greg’s IV.  Todd tells Nate that he spoke with Dani, but Eli would not put Starr on the phone.  Eli demands a ransom from Todd and arranges a drop at the abandoned warehouse.  Todd, Blair, John and the Swat team wait at the warehouse.  Tea realizes Eli plans to trade her for Blair. Natalie gets test results on “Tea’s” remains. Greg almost dies, but Vivian revives him.  Greg gives Natalie his confession and is placed under arrest.  When Eli is confronted at the warehouse he reveals a transmitter he claims will set off an explosion.  Natalie begs Brody to let her warn John that Tea is alive and Eli is holding her hostage. James confronts Hannah when he discovers his bullet necklace in her possession.  James shares his suspicions regarding Hannah with Ford. Hannah visits Starr and threatens to take Hope from her.   Ford receives an ominous visit.  Hannah almost tells Ford something about where Starr is, but Cole interrupts. Cole apologizes to James about his outburst at the police station.  Starr has disturbing dreams of Hannah and Cole and James. While Cole despairs, James, Ford and Langston have a plan to save Starr and Hope.


Viki supports Dorian while they wait for news of Starr and Dani’s fates, and they discuss Echo.  Roxy admires Echo’s sexual conquests.  Rex’s investigation uncovers Echo’s possession of a half-heart necklace.  Rex decides to go to New Mexico to learn more about Echo’s connection to Lili and Rick. Viki shares her suspicions about Echo with Charlie.  Brody and Jessica go to the hospital for a paternity test.  Brody and Charlie bond over the questionable paternity of Jessica’s baby.    Nate and Matthew have words at Destiny’s birthday.  Greg tells his family how Eli coerced him to do his dirty work, and Richard and Phylicia tell Destiny she is not their biological daughter.  Cristian is disappointed when Layla has to cancel their planned visit.


Ford is visited by Clint and his two thugs. Brody and Jessica go to the hospital to have a paternity test performed on Monday, October 18.

Viki goes to Dorian to offer her support during the kidnapping crisis and they talk about Echo on Tuesday, October 19.

Starr has a dream about Hannah manipulating Cole, then dreams about being rescued by James on Wednesday, October 20.

Tea demands to know how Eli got Greg to tell her she had a brain tumor when she didn’t on Thursday, October 21.

Eli reveals a handheld transmitter linked to a bomb inside the warehouse and threatens to set it off. Blair sneaks into the warehouse unnoticed and is shocked when she finds Téa on Friday, October 22.


Todd and Tea reunite, but will they survive the explosion?

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