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GH Previews: Week of October 4


GH Previews: Week of October 4

Brenda is the source of many problems for Sam, Jason and Carly.

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Sam refuses to move in with Jason when he asks her to quell her insecurities about Brenda. Brenda reveals to Sonny that she only came back to Port Charles for her own safety and not to see him. Diane witnesses Sonny and Brenda kissing, and confides to Alexis that the wrath of a scorned Claire Walsh will not be pretty for her client. Kristina tells Claire that Brenda has come home. Brenda maintains that she does not want to see Sonny. Suzanne arrives in Port Charles after both of Brenda’s residences in Rome have been ransacked by the Balkan’s men.

Brenda once again leans on Jason to help her stay away from Sonny. Sonny ends things with Claire. Suzanne reminds Jason and Sam that protecting Brenda has a much greater social impact than they think. Maxie informs Jax that Brenda is back home in Port Charles. Brenda is reunited with Robin and later Jax. Jax pays Sonny a visit, warning him to stay away from Brenda. Robin advises Sonny to follow his heart and pursue Brenda once more. Carly finds Brenda reuniting with Jax. Sam makes the decision to not let Brenda affect her self-confidence. Brenda realizes she can no longer ignore her feelings for Sonny and decides to tell him she loves him, but will she change her mind?


Patrick manages to stop a crazed Lisa from taking her own life. Mac takes Robin to the hospital. Patrick arranges for Lisa to go to Shadybrook. Robin privately confides in Maya that no one really knew the severity of Lisa’s insanity. Robin tells Patrick she won’t take him back. Robin levels Patrick when she tells him she wants to end their marriage, but he works hard to change her mind. Patrick refuses to give up, ultimately agreeing to move out of their home temporarily. Mac urges Robin to file a quick and clean divorce while Maxie, on the other hand, implores Robin to try to make things work with Patrick. Matt suggests to Patrick that he takes a step back and considers what he really wants.


Agent Bates sends Dante and Lulu stateside. Michael asks Jason to help him find a prostitute, but Sam volunteers to do the job. Nikolas and Brook Lynn return from their high-society weekend and the prince asks her to stay a bit longer at Wyndemere. Michael meets up with Candy, but when she starts to give him what he paid for, Michael snaps. Dante is re-assigned to the car bomb case. Lucky gets a surprise visit from Luke while sitting in jail in Ireland. Michael seeks Jason’s advice, feeling like he is permanently damaged. Maxie resolves to get Brenda on the cover of Crimson to get into Kate’s good graces. Michael confesses to Jason that he is messed up about sex.

Luke tells Lucky that best way to neutralize a woman who’s angry with you is to romance her. Carly tries to help her eldest son face his demons, giving him a pep talk to take on life’s challenges. Ethan admits he likes working for Tracy at the Haunted Star because of his family loyalty. Lucky kisses Siobhan. Maxie puts the brakes on the cover plans when she discovers how smitten Spinelli truly is over Brenda.  Dante confides to Lulu that going after Sonny in the car bomb case will ultimately hurt Michael. Irish cops arrest Luke.


Jason asks an insecure Sam to move in with him on Monday, October 4.

Sonny breaks up with Claire in hopes to win Brenda back on Tuesday, October 5.

A catfight erupts between Kate and Olivia on Wednesday, October 6.

Robin and Brenda finally have a chat and discuss Stone, Patrick’s infidelity and Sonny on Thursday, October 7.

Carly asks Jax never to see Brenda again when she sees the two reuniting on Friday, October 8.


Lucky is assigned to kidnap a Port Charles resident. Robin hopes her advice won’t fall on deaf ears. Will Patrick go to see Robin on her birthday? Jason questions Brenda about her secret. Maya witness Ethan getting roughed up by Johnny’s henchmen. Brenda plants a kiss on Spinelli. Robin gets a big shock at the hospital. Will Lucky and Siobhan take things to the next level?

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