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AMC Previews: Week of October 25


Zach reveals the danger his former partners pose to his family.

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Greenlee tells Ryan she realizes he never turned his back on her.  Ryan and Madison are forced face the possibility that he may have killed David. Greenlee tells Jackson it was a mistake to trust him and wants to fire him, but realizes that she can’t. Ryan insists that he will fight to protect both Emma and Greenlee.  Annie encourages Madison to resist Ryan sacrificing himself for Greenlee.  Madison is upset with Ryan for not opening up to her, and allowing her to help him. Ryan takes the stand and details his love story with Greenlee.  Ryan’s confession forces Madison to end their relationship.   Liza gets Nick Pearson to admit under oath that he holds a grudge against Ryan.  Greenlee tells Jackson that she wants to testify.

Zack tells Kendall he is being threatened by his former partners, and he must stay away to keep their family safe.  Kendall complains that Zach doesn’t let her in.  Zach and Kendall take their children trick or treating, unaware they are being followed.  JR rejects Erica’s offer to get Caleb to back off in return for JR giving up Cortlandt Electronics.  Annie gives JR a shoulder to lean on.  JR offers to let Annie stay at the beach house if she keeps it quiet, and Annie agrees. AJ wants to spend Halloween with his daddy, so Marisa goes to the beach house and discovers JR and Annie kissing.  JR persuades Asher to help him get revenge against Caleb. Caleb reveals to Krystal that he hates Halloween, but doesn’t explain.  Asher turns down Colby’s invitation to a party, admitting that his mother died on Halloween.  Caleb has a bad reaction when Erica mentions Sonia’s name.  When Erica sees how uncomfortable Caleb is at the party, he tells her that he won’t discuss Sonia’s death or the explosion because it was the worst night of his life.


Marissa tells a shocked Tad and Krystal what she found at the beach house.  Colby is determined to run interference between Marissa and JR.  JR insists he won’t allow Marissa to keep AJ from him.  Marissa insists she will make this AJ’s best Halloween ever. Frankie consoles an upset Madison while Randi works late.


Caleb tells Krystal he hates Halloween, but refuses to say why on Monday, October 25.

Ryan takes the stand and details his history and his true love for Greenlee on Tuesday, October 26.

Wednesday, October 27:  Encore Presentation — #8927 (original air date 8/31/04)–Ryan first confesses his love for Greenlee, and she is both shocked and thrilled when Ryan gives her an engagement ring and proposes.   Zach is short with Maria when she says she’s committed to her marriage. Kendall has many drinks and blows up about Greenlee and Ryan to Ethan. Pine Valley gets ready for a “Game of Chance” party at Zach’s casino.

Marissa finds JR and Annie kissing at the beach house on Thursday, October 28.

Zach and Kendall go trick or treating with the kids not aware of a shadowy figure lurking behind them on Friday, October 29.


Jackson confides in Erica his fears about calling Greenlee to the stand. Erica shares lifechanging news with Caleb. Tad finds evidence that may help Ryan. JR taunts Caleb.

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