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OLTL Previews: Week of October 25


OLTL Previews: Week of October 25

Cole puts an end to Eli’s reign of terror once and for all.

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Eli detonates the bomb before John can slap the cuffs on him and place him under arrest.  Cole is searching the warehouse for Starr and Hope and a beam falls on him.  Todd and John enter the wreckage. Tea, Blair, John and Todd are all trapped in a storm drain when the building collapses, but the men are separated from the women.  Todd takes extraordinary measures to save John’s life.  The survivors work to remove the wall of debris that divides them. Todd and Tea come face to face.  Cole finds the evidence bag with Eli’s gun in it, and when Brody is distracted, Cole shoots Eli in cold blood.  Marty attends to Dani who was knocked out in the explosion.

When Dani regains consciousness, she reveals to Natalie that Tea is in the warehouse.  Marty finds Cole with the gun, and tells him to get away from the scene and then takes responsibility for shooting Eli.  Natalie continues to hope that John is alive.  Brody books Marty for the murder of Eli Clarke, while Natalie discovers Cole’s fingerprints on the weapon.  Natalie confronts Marty with the evidence that Cole killed Eli.  Cole believes Starr and Hope died in the explosion.  Langston tells Cole that she believes Hannah has Starr and Hope.  Hannah holds James at gunpoint and reveals she is holding Starr and Hope.  Hannah takes James, Starr and Hope to a cemetery and forces Starr to bury James alive.  Just as Hannah prepares to bury Starr, James rises from his grave and rescues her.


Ford learns he has internal injuries from the beating he took. Greg reveals that he’s responsible for killing Destiny’s mother.  Bo leads the search for survivors.  Nora learns that Dani and Tea are safe.  Charlie isn’t happy to learn Viki is still investigating Echo.  Clint learns that his private investigator retrieved the half heart necklace from Lily’s grave before Rex could get to it.


Eli detonates the bomb and Cole shoots Eli on Monday, October 25.

Todd is forced to take dramatic steps to save John’s life on Tuesday, October 26.

Wednesday, October 27:  Encore Episode — #10415 (original air date 4/16/09)–Todd and Tea have sex all over his house while saying they hate each other.  Tea tells Todd she never intended to help him get custody of his kids.  Natalie and Jared hide the truth about Chloe while the family gathers for Chloe’s baptism.  At Nash’s grave, Jessica tells Brody they can’t be friends right now.  Starr and Cole discuss her attraction to Schuyler, realize Hope didn’t die because of RH disease.  Markko tells Langston he helped Cole fake his drug test.

Todd comes face-to-face with Tea and Natalie discovers Cole’s fingerprints on the murder weapon on Thursday, October 28.

Natalie confronts Marty with the evidence that Cole is a murderer on Friday, October 29.

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