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Trailer for MTV's new racy soap opera 'Skins'


Preview the new trailer for MTV’s new racy soap opera ‘Skins.’

New Controversial Soap Set to Premiere in 2011.

MTV’s new controversial soap opera Skins is set to be full of sex, drugs, identity crisis and all other forms of teen angst that one would expect from a racy teen series. Skins is a remake of the hit British series of the same name and is set to premiere in January 2011. The original series and the US remake were created by the father and son team of Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain of Stormdog Films. The series features an ensemble cast of unknowns and will follow the teens as they “navigate complex relationships, the politics of friendship and difficulties of daily life in their formative years,” among other things.

In May, MTV announced it was green lighting the acclaimed British series to focus on teen life in North America. “Our goal in developing ‘Skins’ from the UK hit was to stay true to the core attributes and the creator-driven vision while also adapting it to be as relatable, real and reflective of high school life to American audiences as the original version has been to UK audience for 5 seasons,” said Liz Gateley, MTV Senior Vice President of Series Development. “We’re thrilled to be bringing ‘Skins’ to MTV!”

Check out the official trailer (NSFW!):


Trust us, if the US version is anything like its UK counterpart, the Parents Television Council won’t waste anymore of its time complaining about actors from Glee in racy photo shoots. They haven’t seen controversy until they’ve seen Skins.

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