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GH Previews: Week of November 22


The Quartermaines and Spencers share the traditional pizza dinner together.

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Matt talks sense into Robin and Patrick, bringing the estranged couple together during the Thanksgiving holiday. Robin, Maxie, Sam and Molly once again conspire to set Mac and Alexis up during their joint Thanksgiving dinner at Alexis’s lake house. Robin, Patrick and Emma spend time at the hospital together. When the Spencers arrive on his doorstep for Thanksgiving, Edward spits nails. Edward takes a liking to Lucky’s new lady love, Siobhan. The Quartermaines and guests eat pizza and sing together. Tracy is taken aback by her new engagement ring.


Sonny asks Brenda to give them another chance, but she is drowning in her own guilt. Dante discusses his love life with Michael. Brenda reveals the bulk of her secret to Sonny. Brenda concedes to go out on a date with Sonny to see if the two still have a fighting chance. With no physical evidence tying her to her latest crime, Lisa only gets probation. Matt and Patrick have their own suspicions that Maxie purposely framed Lisa. Luke tries to back Carly off her plans for Lulu’s destruction. Jason returns home to a romantic evening for himself and Sam, orchestrated by Molly and Spinelli. Johnny metaphorically holds the syringe over Lisa’s head. Dante and Lulu also share a romantic evening. Lisa sets her sights on working Johnny, but Johnny has the upper hand. Maxie fights with Matt for casting doubt on her story. Claire wants to join Alexis and Diane’s firm as a defense lawyer.


Sonny and Brenda lock lips on Monday, November 22.

Robin and Jason discuss Sonny and Brenda, hoping the two have a happy ending on Tuesday, November 23.

Edward curses the Spencers but eats his words when Dante brings Michael over for Thanksgiving pizza on Wednesday, November 24.

An encore episode of 10/5/2010 airs on Thursday, November 25.

ABC Daytime programming is pre-empted on Friday, November 26.


Sonny and Brenda go on a date. Sam is followed. Interpol brings Lucky a new assignment. Lisa’s video goes viral around the halls of the hospital. Luke and Tracy encourage Lulu not to trust Dante. Jason comes to Sam’s rescue. Robin confronts Lisa about her video confession. Tracy asks Lulu to be her maid of honor. Sonny and Brenda turn up the heat.

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