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GH Previews: Week of November 8


Lisa plans on using Robin’s hospitalization to her advantage.

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Patrick does his best to comfort Robin in the aftermath of the Scorpio house fire. Patrick reveals to Robin that as a result of her burns from the fire, she contracted a dangerous infection that complicates her medical condition due to her HIV. Lisa convincingly proclaims her innocence Nikolas. Matt cheers Maxie up as she mourns the loss of the home she grew up in with her sister Georgie. Robin keeps Patrick at arm’s length and is unsure if she wants to repair their marriage.

Maxie once again pushes Robin to reconsider letting her marriage go. Lisa is exonerated for the Scorpio fire, to Robin’s surprise. In her hospital room, Robin awakens from a nightmare to the sight of Lisa standing over her bed with a syringe. Robin is convinced she has caught Lisa trying to hurt her yet again – but when Steve tests the needle; it turns out to be arthritis medication for the patient in the room next door.  An angry Lisa threatens to go to the hospital board for Robin’s termination. Later, Lisa tries to lure Patrick to Jake’s under false pretenses.


Carly pumps Spinelli to get more evidence of Brenda’s past to Jax’s dismay. Dante jumps the gun as he, Jason and Lucky try to free Siobhan. Sonny learns Claire is under investigation by internal affairs for helping him. Ethan worries about Kristina’s reaction when she learns the truth about the car bomb. Brenda finally tells Jason her secret. Lulu confronts Dante about his past with Brenda. Alexis and Jax have a conversation about family and the mob. Ethan blows Luke’s cover, but Luke capitalizes on the opportunity and convinces Tracy to run away to Vegas with him. Lucky and Siobhan have sex.

Olivia catches Johnny and Carly making plans for dastardly deeds. Jason confronts Dante. Lucky convinces Siobhan not to return to Ireland, but the lass is intent on paying her own way in Port Charles. Maxie does not take well to the idea of Siobhan working at Jake’s. Nikolas tries to make things right with Lucky. Sonny breaks things off with Claire to save her career. Jax and Olivia try to steer Carly and Johnny of their course. Brenda gives Lulu advice. Carly meets with a witness who confirms Dante & Brenda’s sexual past.


Sonny discovers Claire had the evidence against him thrown out on Monday, November 8th.

Jason and Dante take out six Balkan-ites and Lucky frees Siobhan on Tuesday, November 9th.

Luke, Tracy, Ethan and Maya wake up in a Vegas hotel room hungover and with no memory of the previous night’s nuptials on Wednesday, November 10th.

Dante admits to Michael that he lied to Lulu about Brenda on Thursday, November 11th.

Jason promises to keep Brenda’s secret from Sonny on Friday, November 12th.


Carly intends to bring Dante and Brenda’s relationship to light. Patrick asks Lisa to back off of Robin. Jason and Sam have a heart-to-heart. Edward makes Ethan and Maya an offer they can’t refuse. Luke is suspicious of Carly. Lisa makes a move against Robin.

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