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AMC Previews: Week of November 8


Asher lashes out against Caleb in a big way.

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Colby informs Asher that Caleb has learned he is his son. JR takes pleasure in needling Caleb about Asher, but later informs Annie he never wants his relationship with AJ to be like Caleb and Asher’s.  JR promises Annie that things will be better for them.  Asher tells Caleb that he prefers to be used for whatever purposes JR may have than to be forgotten the way Caleb did.  Erica encourages Caleb not to give up on his son, and promises they will fight to honor Palmer’s wishes. Caleb rejects JR’s bargain to persuade Marissa to halt custody proceedings in exchange for help with Asher.  Instead, Caleb tells Marissa she should get another attorney. Asher accuses JR of manipulating him. Asher minimizes Colby’s feelings when she says she doesn’t want anything more between them.  Asher broadcasts his accusations toward Caleb on television.  Erica books a flight for Caleb to Washington to confront Asher.  Opal welcomes Asher into the family and gives him a history lesson about Palmer.


Ryan is convinced David framed him for murder and decides to investigate Nick Pearson.  Ryan and Greenlee plan to hunt for Pearson together.  Before leaving, Greenlee stops to thank Jackson for all his help.  Liza reminds Jackson of the legal ramification that will ensue if Greenlee isn’t in court when the verdict comes in.  Erica offers Greenlee and Ryan her private plane for their trip.  Ryan and Greenlee’s closeness erupts in passion and they admit their love for one another.  Ryan impersonates an FBI agent.  Zach comes to Ryan’s aid.  Madison attempts to move on without Ryan and accepts a lunch date with Logan.  Zach and Kendall cover for Ryan and Greenlee when Jesse questions them.  Jessie discovers Natalia and Brot are in a relationship and insists one of them will have to transfer.


Caleb tells Erica he believes Asher was keeping his secret until he could hurt him with it on Monday, November 8.

Zach overhears Kendall telling Ryan and Greenlee that she will help get them out of town on Tuesday, November 9.

Caleb tells Marissa she should get a new lawyer since he won’t be a very effective advocate from now on.  Asher accuses JR of using him on Wednesday, November 10.

Ryan and Greenlee admit their love for each other and share a passionate kiss on Thursday, November 11.

Opal welcomes Asher into the family and over breakfast tells him about Palmer. Zach goes to help Ryan on Friday, November 12.


Colby tells JR to stop using Asher in his quest for revenge against Caleb. Zach helps Ryan & Greenlee. Amanda befriends a new doctor, Griffin, at the hospital. A shirtless Asher has an affect on Colby. Kendall invites Annie & JR to her Thanksgiving dinner.

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