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OLTL Previews: Week of November 8


Todd and Tea plan a belated wedding reception and celebration of Tea’s return from the dead.

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Todd and Tea plan a belated wedding reception and celebration of Tea’s return from the dead.  The party provides the backdrop to much of the drama that takes place in Llanview this week.  Todd, Tea and Dani deliver personal invitations to their friends and family.  Nora overhears Inez expressing her gratitude to Bo, and encourages her to invite Clint to the celebration.  Later Nora warns Inez not to misconstrue Bo’s kindness for anything more.  Rex and Kelly agree to attend the party together.  Marty crashes the party to give John evidence that Natalie had a paternity test, but John dismisses her.   In spite of Dorian’s efforts to keep Langston and Ford apart, they grow closer and decide to embark on a relationship.  Clint warns Echo to keep Rex’s paternity a secret.  Viki and Charlie, who have been fighting over the possibility that Charlie may be Rex’s father, corner Echo at the party and demand to know the truth. Rex overhears Echo’s confession that she is his mother. Matthew provides Destiny with a shoulder to lean on as she deals with her family’s deceptions.


It’s revealed that a lot of citizens in Llanview are sexually frustrated.  Dorian schedules a personal trainer for Kelly and makes it clear that some sexual healing may be required.  Rex and Kelly admit they haven’t been with anyone in a long time.   Cris and Gigi arrive in Paris.  Adrianna gives Gigi a hard time about her relationship with Rex and the fact that they haven’t made love since they were reunited.  Cris and Layla’s reunion is stalled by news that Layla has a job to do in Milan.  Layla chooses to go to Milan instead of staying with Cris in Paris.  Rex and Kelly kiss.  Gigi and Cris kiss.  Starr is devastated after John transports Cole to prison.  James shows up to see how she’s coping, and she draws him into a passionate kiss.  Starr wants to have sex with James, but he refuses.  Inez and Nate are surprised to learn Eddie Ford is in Llanview and living with Bobby and James.


Viki tells Rex that the Rick and Lily letters were fake and they are not his parents.  Dorian holds an emergency Cramer Woman meeting on Monday, November 8.

Cole is sentenced to 10 years in prison and John finds out from Marty about Natalie’s amnio on Tuesday, November 9.

Adriana continues to goad Gigi about her lack of sex with Rex and Gigi slugs her. Layla chooses her career over her love for Cristian on Wednesday, November 10.

Clint warns Echo not to reveal they’re Rex’s parents or he’ll have Rex put in prison on Thursday, November 11.

Starr tries to have sex with James, but James refuses. Kelly tells Rex she lost her spark after Joey on Friday, November 12.

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