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OLTL Previews: Week of November 29


Todd shares his abusive past with James.

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Inez is shocked when Clint asks her to seduce Bo. Spurred by Eddie’s remarks, Bo and Nora have a heated argument about Inez. Ford seeks Clint’s help, and Clint gives Ford $50,000 to pay off Eddie and get him out of town, but later Clint puts a gun in Eddie’s hands and pays him to complete an assignment. Inez is prevented from telling Bo that Clint intends to use her to get to him and Nora. Dani and Nate plan to “go all the way” but later decide to wait awhile. Eddie finds Dani alone in Inez’s apartment and gives her a hard time. When Inez arrives, Eddie warns her to keep Bo and her boys away from him. While looking for Starr, Todd encounters James and learns Eddie hit him. Todd talks with James about his own childhood abuse, and vows death is the only way to stop and abuser. Todd warns Eddie to stay away from his kids. James is embarrassed everyone saw Eddie hit him. Viki and Nora share their woes about the interlopers in their love lives. Dorian tries to get a confession from a drunken Echo, but Charlie interrupts. Dorian sees Echo and Charlie kiss. Eddie kidnaps Nora and keeps her at a motel. Clint uses Nora’s phone to send Bo a message.


Natalie meets John at the airport when he returns from visiting Michael and Marcie. Marty gives John a “gift” but her conscience gets the better of her and she takes it back. Rex, who at Todd’s behest is keeping an eye on Marty, grows suspicious of her behavior. Kelly and Joey come face to face, but Kelly loses her nerve. Joey gets caught up on everything that’s been happening in Llanview while he’s been away. While Kelly plans to tell Joey how she feels about him, she remains unaware that Joey is introducing his family to Aubrey, the woman he plans to marry.


Another close moment between James and Starr is thwarted, this time by news about Cole on Monday, November 29.

Joey makes love to a new woman in his life. Joey and Kelly come face to face on Tuesday, November 30.

Todd bumps into Eddie and warns him to stay away from his kids. Inez tells Clint she’ll go through with his plan as long as he makes Eddie disappear on Wednesday, December 1.

Starr confronts Todd about the restraining order barring Marty from seeing Hope. Starr and Marty have it out about Hannah on Thursday, December 2.

John prepares to open Marty’s gift and Eddie hides Nora in a motel on Friday, December 3.

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