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GH Previews: Week of November 29


Lisa takes to the web to defend herself and share her side of the story.

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The Social Network (Of Manipulation)

After weeks of hospitalization, Robin allows Patrick to accompany her to their home and there’s a glimmer of reconciliation in the air. Lisa uploads her “side of the story” on Lisa’s video goes viral around the halls of General Hospital. Robin and Patrick share a tender moment, but they are unintentionally interrupted by Maxie. Patrick rips into Lisa. Robin confronts Lisa about her video confession. Nikolas overhears the exchange and calls Robin out on her unprofessional behavior. Robin remains unready to work on her marriage, despite Patrick’s request for counseling. Later, Ethan takes Lisa to see Johnny, who has held on to the syringe Lisa used to try to hurt Robin.


Sonny thanks Dante for looking after Brenda in 2007. Lucky, Jason and Dante come to believe the Balkan may be Jerry Jax. Interpol approaches Lucky with a new Ronan assignment. The real housewife of Port Charles continues to pump Spinelli for dirt on Brenda and Dante. Jason asks Sam to move into the Penthouse so he can protect her from Jerry, but she’s not interested. Lucky and Siobhan get into a New York state of mind for a Ronan O’Reilly mission. Sonny and Brenda encounter Jax on their date, but still manage to end the night with a good night kiss. Luke offers up some advice to Sonny regarding Brenda. Johnny discovers Ethan & Maya’s marital arrangement and works to help Maya avoid Ethan’s bed. Luke and Tracy warn Lulu to be cautious when it comes to Dante. Jax vows to protect Brenda from Jerry while Carly invites Lady Jane to Port Charles. Spinelli arranges a dinner date for Sonny & Brenda at Jason’s penthouse and things heat up between the two. Dante receives the autopsy report of Aleksander. Jax searches for Jerry.


A mysterious figure stalks Sam on Monday, November 29th.

Sonny takes Brenda on a date at the MetroCourt on Tuesday, November 30th.

Dante confesses to Olivia that Brenda’s arrival in Port Charles has complicated his love life on Wednesday, December 1st.

Tracy asks Lulu to be her maid of honor on Thursday, December 2nd.

Jason comes to Sam’s rescue on Friday, December 3rd.


Johnny blackmails Lisa. Luke confronts Edward. Michael stick his foot in his mouth with Abby. Dante intends to tell Sonny the truth. Robin catches Lisa stealing antibiotics for Johnny. Sonny gives Brenda a present. Michael finally asks Abby out. Lucky and Siobhan work together. Carly is desperate to keep Sonny and Brenda apart.

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