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AMC Previews: Week of November 29


It’s Thanksgiving in Pine Valley, but not a happy one for many.

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While much of Pine Valley celebrates Thanksgiving, Kendall’s reaction to the news Zach’s plane crashed has Erica concerned. Kendall doesn’t want to have a memorial service for Zach. Bianca informs Kendall that a piece of wreckage from Zach’s plane was discovered. Kendall asks Greenlee to go with her to the crash site. Kendall wants Greenlee to tell her about the last time she saw Zach. Tad hauls Jake and a turkey to Krystal’s and toasts all he has to be thankful for, while Greenlee, Ryan and Emma have their own family dinner. Bianca discovers Caleb spending the holiday alone in his office. JR invites Asher to join his family for dessert. Asher tries to get JR to talk about Adam, but JR chooses to focus on all he has to be thankful for. It’s up to Colby to educate Asher on the kind of man Adam was. Asher is taken to the police station and refuses Caleb’s help. Spike performs in a Thanksgiving pageant. Ryan discovers Madison at his door and she collapses in his arms. When Madison wakes up in the hospital, Ryan is by her side.


Annie accompanies JR to Washington, D.C. where they make love. Annie receives divorce papers from Scott. JR and Annie decide they can’t waste anymore time fighting their feelings for one another. Asher clams up when Bianca asks him about Caleb.


Tad snatches Jake from the hospital and after taking a turkey from the Yacht Club heads over to Krystal’s much to everyone’s surprise on Monday, November 29.

Alone with Colby, Asher tries again to get someone to talk about Adam and is surprised when she details what kind of man he is on Tuesday, November 30.

Amanda tries to get Griffin to tell her about Jake’s experience in Doctors Without Borders on Wednesday, December 1.

Kendall doesn’t want to have a memorial service for Zach. Bianca breaks the news to Kendall that a piece of the plane has been found on Thursday, December 2.

Asher finds Damon and Colby in a hot kiss on Friday, December 3.


Madison faints in Ryan’s arms. Caleb helps Erica in a jam. Asher finds Damon and Colby in a hot kiss. Marissa finds out that Annie went to DC with JR and informs Caleb.

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