DAYS Previews: Week of November 22

DAYS Previews: Week of November 22

Maggie gets rescued by Victor! EJ is prepares to take his children back from Sami.


Monday – Caroline offers Sami support and encouragement; Victor realizes Maggie is locked in the sarcophagus; Nicole asks EJ where she fits when he regains custody of Sydney. Chad draws a knife on Stefano to get a blood sample.

Tuesday – EJ discovers that Sami and Rafe are getting married; Victor opens the sarcophagus to get Maggie out; Hope questions Trustee Lee about her background; Doug and Julie visit Hope.

Wednesday – Vivian convinces Brady that he’s going down with her if he talks; Maggie realizes Vivian told her the truth about Victor; Hope is sent to solitary confinement; EJ and Nicole prepare to take the kids from Sami.

Thursday – Pre-empted

Friday – Roman realizes that EJ’s claims might have been truthful; Melanie and Nathan get real with each other about their feelings; Victor warns Vivian to stay away from Maggie; Will and Gabi become closer.

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