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B&B Previews: Week of November 8


B&B Previews: Week of November 8

Forrester Creations is rocked by Thomas’ PR stunt for his men’s line.


Dayzee and Stephanie discuss the future. Forrester Creations is rocked by Thomas’ PR stunt for his men’s line. Thomas and Brooke realize that the stunt has a lasting impact on the people they love. Taylor is devastated after she is betrayed by someone close to her.
Ridge wonders if Brooke played a part in the PR stunt. Stephanie is struggling to keep her promise to Brooke. Ridge continues to be stuck between the two women. Brooke promises Stephanie that she will not to be involved in any more scandals. Stephanie vows to give Brooke the boot if she breaks her word. Hope wants answers from Thomas. Marcus spies Thomas and Madison having a “moment.” Brooke is worried that the latest scandal at FC could ruin her marriage. Whip has a surprise for Ridge and Taylor. Ridge gives Brooke an ultimatum.


Monday – Taylor teels Whip that she’s concerned about Thomas working with Brooke. Hope unintentionally implies to Oliver that their relationship might not be over. Brooke agrees to go along with Thomas’ publicity stunt.

Tuesday – Thomas and Brooke’s publicity stunt stuns the crowd. Dayzee visits a recuperating Stephanie, who ffers her a job at Forrester Creations. Thomas admits to Taylor the true reason behind his actions at the preview.

Wednesday – Ridge doubts Brooke’s innocence, which leads Brooke to panic. Thomas comes to Brooke’s defense. Stephanie counsels Ridge on how to handle Brooke’s latest scandal.

Thursday – Stephanie grills Brooke about her actions and doesn’t allow her to see Ridge. Hope apologizes to Thomas for stealing his spotlight, but reprimands him for causing a rift between Ridge and Brooke. An unexpected guest visits Brooke.

Friday – Thomas is proud that he publicity stunt worked so well and refuses to apologize to Ridge. Hope admits to Oliver that she can’t stop thinking about their kiss, but hopes that they can be just friends. Amber apologizes to Oliver for stealing the designs.

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