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GH Previews: Week of December 27


Sonny and Brenda announce their engagement as Carly declares war.

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Sonny convinces Brenda to accept his marriage proposal. Brenda accepts Sonny’s proposal. As Brenda & Sonny celebrate, Dante dreams about the last time he saw Brenda in 2007. Later, Brenda unknowingly shares oxygen with the Balkan when Theo interviews her to assess the risk of the civil suit against herself and Dante. Carly, armed with proof of Brenda & Dante’s lovechild, tries to throw a wrench into Sonny & Brenda’s plans when she demands Sonny not marry Brenda. Sonny refuses to listen to his ex-wife and is adamant that nothing will stop him from marrying Brenda. Carly warns Sonny that the truth will not be pretty.

Theo earns Brenda’s trust in representing her in the civil suit against her. Dante and Lulu make promises to move forward in their relationship. Michael updates Kristina and Molly about Sonny and Brenda’s engagement. Claire learns of Sonny’s engagement and asks Sonny if he objects to her leaving town. The two wish each other well, but Claire is still a woman scorned.


At the reception, Nikolas realizes he has growing feelings for Brook Lynn, but Tracy warns him to keep his distance. Michael takes responsibility for the problems in his life. Impressed by his great-grandson’s maturity, Edward offers ELQ to Michael, but doesn’t get the response he’d like to hear. Michael tells Molly and Kristina he is cleared to go on the hospital sponsored ski trip. Lisa drugs Johnny to look for the syringe, but comes up empty. Spinelli chooses to hide the truth about Brenda & Dante’s lovechild from Jason.

Jason questions Siobhan’s account of the docks murder, believing she was fooled. Theo interviews Lucky about his involvement with Brenda and the Balkan. The hospital sponsored ski trip heads out on a charter bus. Carly, too busy to attend, bows out at the 11th hour and sends Olivia in her place. Olivia, Steve, Matt and Maxie chaperone the trip for Cameron, Molly, Morgan, Allie, Kristina and Michael. Robin and Patrick make strides towards reconciliation and Lisa is not amused. Ethan warns Johnny to watch his step around Lisa. Later, Lisa begs Johnny to end their deal.


Sonny & Brenda happily announce their engagement at Luke & Tracy’s wedding reception on Monday, December 27th.

Carly resolves to reveal the truth about Brenda & Dante’s lovechild at a later time to maximize the impact on Tuesday, December 28th.

A bus carrying various Port Charles residents skids on black ice and crashes as Carly overhears the incident live on Morgan’s cell phone on Wednesday, December 29th.

An encore episode of 02/16/2007 airs on Thursday, December 30th.

An encore episode of 02/19/2007 airs on Friday, December 31st.


Carly and Jason desperately try to reach the crash site. Luke toys with the idea of using his honeymoon as a cover for a jewel heist. Brenda asks Molly and Kristina to be her bridesmaids. News of the bus crash brings Robin & Patrick closer. Someone suddenly collapses.

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