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OLTL Previews: Week of December 27


The New Year brings happiness and turmoil to the ladies of Llanview.

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Natalie and John, and Brody and Jessica attend Lamaze classes. John wants to get married right away, and they plan to elope that night with Brody and Jessica in attendance. Marty learns of the bride and groom’s plans and reveals that although she gave her word she wouldn’t tell John, she plans to tell Jessica instead, in a public way. John and Natalie ring in the New Year by taking their vows. Marty lurks in waiting to spring her announcement at the moment of maximum impact. Aubrey implies to Joey that Kelly is still longing for him. An unexpected phone call sends Aubrey on an errand which allows Rex the time to search her room. Since Aubrey cancelled on him, Joey works out with Kelly and things get steamy. Aubrey finds a foreign magazine that contains something she really doesn’t want Joey to see. When Aubrey returns to her room at the Palace, she almost catches Rex in the process of snooping. Rex manages to elude Aubrey and reports to Kelly that he overheard Aubrey making a strange phone call to someone. Clint tries to convince Viki to help him dissuade Joey from marrying Aubrey. On New Year’s Eve, Aubrey spots Kelly with the magazine but manages to steal it and return to her room, leaving Joey to greet midnight alone. While Joey and Kelly share a hug at midnight that ends with gazing into each other’s eyes, Aubrey’s rendezvous with a mysterious stranger ends in a kiss to ring in the New Year.


After they return home from the hospital with Nora, Matthew’s fury at Bo cannot be contained, and he unloads on Bo about Inez. When Nora overhears Matthew’s tirade, he tells her what he saw. Bo confesses, and begs for forgiveness, but Nora is deeply wounded and needs time. Nora asks Bo to leave. Darren engineers a surprise meeting between Destiny and her father. Clint finds his conscience bothersome when he realizes his manipulations are affecting Viki’s marriage. Starr and James’ New Year’s Eve celebration ends in a kiss. Ford makes the most of a midnight kiss with Langston. Cristian becomes suspicious that Layla’s relationship with her boss isn’t entirely professional. Cris and Blair commiserate, and wind up sharing a New Year’s Eve kiss that doesn’t end there.


John and Natalie and Brody and Jessica attend Lamaze class and John suggests they marry immediately on Monday, December 27.

Bo confesses to Nora that he slept with Inez and begs her forgiveness on Tuesday, December 28.

It’s New Year’s Eve in Llanview. John and Natalie take their vows with Brody and Jessica as witnesses on Wednesday, December 29.

Encore episodes air Thursday, December 30 and Friday, December 31.

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