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AMC Previews: Week of December 27


Father Clarence gives Kendall and Erica hope for the new year to come.

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Kendall has a dream that makes her hopeful she can move on without Zach. Bianca’s encounter with Father Clarence leaves her believing in Christmas Miracles. Kendall allows the children to open their gifts from Zach, and later when she’s alone, she opens the gift he left for her, a journal which details his feelings for her. Kendall forgives Greenlee, then later tells Erica that an angel has been with her, and the angel is Zach. Father Clarence’s words resonate with both Kendall and Erica. Father Clarence insists to Kendall that Zach is still connected to her. To Erica, Father Clarence offers words of wisdom that her heart has led her somewhere she never intended to go. Erica talks with Caleb about her history with Kendall and urges him to keep trying with Caleb. Colby sets up a meeting with Caleb and Asher and they make amends.


Annie’s insecurities about Marissa and JR continue to rise. Marissa’s Christmas gift to JR is a petition for joint custody. Marissa’s continuing concern for Scott is upsetting to JR. Marissa visits Scott and tells him about the joint custody agreement and confesses she believes JR has changed. When JR visits Scott, Scott makes it clear he isn’t buying JR’s act. Annie tells Amanda that she trusts JR, but not Marissa, and JR continues to insist they must keep their relationship secret until Marissa signs the papers. Madison slips in the snow and hits her head, where Greenlee comes upon her lifeless body. Greenlee gets Madison to the hospital where they learn both Madison and her baby are fine. Madison agrees to take Greenlee up on her offer to start over in New York. Cara agrees to go to a party with Griffin to prove that she isn’t affected by Jake, however Cara’s true feelings for Jake continue to grow and make it more difficult for her to stay in Pine Valley.


Kendall opens the gift Zach left for her, a journal which details his feelings for her on Monday, December 27.

Madison decides she is going to keep the baby and will take Greenlee up on her offer to help her start over in NYC on Tuesday, December 28.

Marissa visits Scott in jail on Wednesday, December 29.

Thursday, December 30 and Friday, December 31 will air Encore Episodes

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