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Y&R Previews: Week of December 27


Y&R Previews: Week of December 27

Sharon locates Skye but finds herself in terrible danger.


Sharon goes on the hunt for Skye in Hawaii. When Victor realizes what Sharon is up to, he heads to Hawaii to stop her from discovering Skye. Phyllis is desperate to find out what Sharon is up to. Sharon and Skye meet at the top of a volcano that just so happens to be ready to explode. Victor is shocked when the volcano erupts and quickly regrets his actions. Jana lies for Daisy, stating that Sarah acted alone
Phyllis expresses interest in adopting Daniel’s baby and persuades Kevin to join her in the fight to make it happen. Deacon and Nikki continue to get to know one another. Daniel’s spawn is born while Jana scurries to make her plan come together


Monday – Sharon goes in search of Skye now. Daniel pushes Daisy to consider adoption. Diane considers Victor’s offer to move to the ranch.

Tuesday – Sharon finds what she has been looking for. Jana changes her story. Phyllis tries to strike a deal with Kevin.

Wednesday – Victor witnesses a tragedy. Daniel takes action to protect himself and his daughter. Kevin realizes he may have been wrong.

Thursday – Daisy goes into labor. Sharon returns home empty-handed. Chloe makes her choice.

Friday – Pre-empted

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