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B&B Previews: Week of December 27


B&B Previews: Week of December 27

Liam tells Hope the truth about his tryst with Amber.


Whip is happy when his plan to get revenge against Ridge is a success. Sadly for Whip, Ridge figures out what that he took the incriminating photo. Ridge and Whip both go crying to Taylor. Taylor sides with one and gives the other the boot. (My guess is Ridge will be the keeper). Tawny arrives to give Amber some not-so motherly advice. Liam tells Hope about his tryst with Amber just as Amber discovers she’s carrying Oliver’s baby. A new “who’s your daddy” scheme will be hatched


Monday – Ridge grills Thorne about the backstage photo of Brooke and Thomas; Aggie asks Whip about the photo; Brooke tells Thomas how upset Ridge was; Taylor demands answers from Thomas and Brooke regarding the latest scandal.

Tuesday – Hope surprises Liam with a picnic in the garden; Amber receives an unexpected visit from her mother, who grills her about her love life; neither Whip nor Ridge is willing to back down on their vendettas against each other.

Wednesday – Tawny tries to persuade Amber to pursue Liam for his money; Liam makes a confession to Hope; Ridge tells Brooke he thinks Whip is responsible for the photo; Aggie questions Whip about his revenge plans; Tawny interrogates Oliver.

Thursday – Hope is devastated by Liam’s confession; Tawny has an idea for Amber to deceive someone; Ridge tells Taylor about Whip’s role in the backstage photo; Whip confronts Ridge about badmouthing him.

Friday – Pre-empted

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