DAYS Previews: Week of December 27

DAYS Previews: Week of December 27

The truth about Parker’s paternity is revealed!


Monday – The Hortons celebrate their first Christmas without Alice and Mickey; Nicole proves her value in EJ and Stefano’s eyes; Stefano tries to connect with Chad; Brady gets drunk with Victor and Kate; Rafe tries to make Christmas special for Sami.

Tuesday – Victor and Maggie bond over their concern for Bo and Hope; Kayla returns to town thinking the truth of Parker’s paternity has been revealed; Sami and Nicole fight over Nicole’s role in Sydney’s life; Nathan tells Melanie about his Baltimore plans.

Wednesday – Parker’s baptism is held; Kayla realizes that Caroline didn’t reveal who Parker’s father is; Sami gets hauled off to the police station; EJ shares his newest plan with Stefano; Nathan and Stephanie head to Baltimore.

Thursday – The truth about Parker’s paternity comes out; Vivian shows EJ the pictures of Nicole and Brady together; Caroline explains why she switched the test results; Nicole weighs her options.

Friday – EJ forces Nicole to choose between Brady and Sydney; Brady and Kate plot to kidnap Vivian; Daniel and Melanie confront Chloe and Philip over their deception; Kayla points out the illegality of what Carly has done.

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