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GH Previews: Week of December 20


Will Luke and Tracy tie the knot? Sonny has a proposal for Brenda.

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Sonny defends his relationship with Brenda to Carly and Alexis, while Brenda convinces Jax not to jeopardize his own life to protect hers. Spinelli gives a bloodthirsty Carly a new lead that could devastate Dante and Brenda. Everyone is convinced Luke will disappear before the wedding. Luke arrives at the Quartermaine mansion the night before the wedding to everyone’s relief, but it doesn’t put everyone’s fears to bed.

Despite Jason’s objections, Brenda attends Luke and Tracy’s wedding with Sonny as her date. Carly pushes Spinelli to dig into reasons why Dante hired a family lawyer. With Lucky, Lulu, Ethan, Edward and Alexis’ help, Luke and Tracy manage to make it all the way to the altar – but they hit a slight snag despite Luke’s profession of love to Tracy. Carly frantically texts Spinelli throughout the ceremony for the dish he has unearthed on Brenda and Dante. As Sonny is proposing marriage to Brenda, Carly learns the awful truth — Brenda and Dante had a child together! Luke’s children implore their father and Tracy to stop sabotaging their own wedding. But it is Brook Lynn who finally convinces her grandmother, and Luke and Tracy ultimately seal their marriage with a kiss.


Jerry lures Lucky to the pier. Lulu tries to talk herself out of suspecting Dante and Brenda. Maxie forewarns Dante not to hurt her best friend. Ethan and Maya discuss their living arrangements as husband and wife. Nikolas and Brook Lynn share their thoughts on love. Lisa sets new plans in motion to separate Robin & Patrick.

Despite Mac’s objections, Patrick and Robin set aside their differences for the holidays for Emma’s sake. Sam and Jason decorate their Charlie Brown Christmas tree with Molly and Michael. Jason takes Michael to visit Edward in an attempt to honor family. Maxie plans to spend the holiday alone in her office. Matt shows up, and Maxie tries to break up with him – but he will have none of it!


Dante tells Brenda not to tell Sonny about the baby secret on Monday, December 20th.

Robin and Patrick plan to spend Christmas together with Emma on Tuesday, December 21st.

Sonny proposes marriage to Brenda as Carly learns the truth about Brenda and Dante’s baby on Wednesday, December 22nd.

An encore episode of 02/01/2007 airs on Thursday, December 23rd.

An encore episode of 02/02/2007 airs on Thursday, December 24th.


Nikolas realizes he may feel something for Brook Lynn. Michael takes responsibility for his life choices. Lisa drugs Johnny. Tragedy strikes Port Charles. Spinelli holds out on Jason.

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