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OLTL Previews: Week of December 20


In spite of Eddie’s murder and some hearts about to be broken, the citizens of Llanview prepare to celebrate Christmas.

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In spite of Eddie’s murder and some hearts about to be broken, the citizens of Llanview prepare to celebrate Christmas.  Clint advises Bo not to confess to Nora that he slept with Inez.  Inez’s relief that Ford has an alibi for Eddie’s murder is short-lived. Starr and James think Inez and Nate are behaving suspiciously.  John gets a break in the case when an eye-witness reports seeing Nate at the crime scene.  When John questions Nate he admits to being at the motel the night of Eddie’s murder, and then things go from bad to worse for Nate when the murder weapon is discovered in Inez’s apartment.  Nate is arrested.  Dani learns that Todd is also a suspect for Eddie Ford’s murder, but believes his claims of innocence.

Todd accuses Marty of framing him for the crime.  Marty seems to be in the Christmas spirit when she agrees to Natalie’s pleas not to destroy her happiness with John.  Of course once Natalie is out of earshot, Grinchy Marty reveals her plan is to tell someone other than John the secret.  After visiting Cole in prison, Starr isn’t feeling festive, but Langston persuades her to take Hope to the tree lighting in Angel Square, where they bump into Ford and James who are worried about Nate.  Starr admits she wants James in her life.  Kelly gets the idea that maybe Aubrey has something to hide and after running into Joey and Aubrey at Angel Square, she hires Rex to dig up the dirt on Aubrey.


The celebration at Llanfair is marred for Viki by Echo’s inclusion.  Clint softens his resistance to Aubrey.  John gives Natalie his mother’s engagement ring and they announce their plans to become husband and wife. Echo tells Clint he’s missing out on a lot by not claiming Rex as his son.  Dorian lures Echo to the roof of her house and locks her up there, but Echo can’t be contained. Charlie wonders where Echo could have gone but remains at Llanfair.


Todd accuses Marty of framing him for Eddie Ford’s murder. Natalie shows up at Marty’s with news that she and John are marrying on Monday, December 20.

Blair and Jessica inadvertently give Kelly the idea that the fabulous Aubrey may have something to hide on Tuesday, December 21.

Echo tells Clint he’s missing out on the opportunity to be a father and grandfather because of his dastardly deeds on Wednesday, December 22.

Encore episodes air Thursday, December 23 and Friday, December 24.

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