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AMC Previews: Week of December 20


Greenlee plans on blowing Madison’s secret sky high; Kendall rejects her friends and family while reeling from Zach’s death.

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Frankie presses Madison to make her decision about keeping the baby and reminds her she’s running out of time.  Greenlee gains access to the hospital computers and learns Madison is pregnant.   Kendall continues to reel from losing Zach and gives Greenlee the cold shoulder and kicks Ryan out of the house.  Madison is upset when Ryan schedules a doctor’s appointment for her, and tells him his “help” is part of the reason she wants to leave town.

Overprotective Randi and Frankie run interference for Madison.  Greenlee confronts Madison about her pregnancy.  Greenlee worries about what the news of Madison’s pregnancy will do to her relationship with Ryan.  Just as Greenlee prepares to tell Ryan about Madison’s baby, he suggest a little alone time.  Kendall tells Bianca and Ryan to back off, she doesn’t need them to look out for her.  Kendall’s volatile behavior sets Griffin off, and he tells her to get a grip.  Bianca finds some packages from Zach and shows them to Kendall.


Erica tells Caleb he’s regained control of Cortlandt Enterprises.  Annie is freaked out by JR’s rapport with Marissa.  Annie meets JR at a hotel and when he assures her that his closeness with Marissa is all an act, Annie blurts out that she loves him.  Annie’s admission is met with JR’s silence.  Business problems elevate JR’s anxiety and Marissa shows her support by reminding him that he’s a good father and encouraging him to take a call from his father.  When Marissa leaves, Annie vows her support as well, but when she holds JR, he can’t take his eyes off Marissa’s gift.  Jake and Cara try to make the best of working together at the hospital.


Erica and Caleb share a close moment after she gives him the good news that he has reacquired Cortlandt Electronics on Monday, December 20.

Randi suggests Greenlee could help Madison out by leaving her alone and stop trying to set her up with anyone, while Frankie continues to keep the truth from Ryan and cancels the doctor appointment he set up on Tuesday, December 21.

Bianca shows Kendall a box that she found in Zach’s closet and Kendall finds Christmas presents Zach purchased and feels him all around her and Wednesday, December 22.

Thursday, December 23, Encore Episode (Original airdate November 22):  Just as Greenlee is found guilty of murdering David, he enters the courtroom.

Friday, December 24, Encore Episode (Original airdate November 23):  Greenlee is free to be with Ryan.

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