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B&B Previews: Week of December 20


B&B Previews: Week of December 20

Bill continues his mission to break up Hope and Liam; Stephanie holds true to her problems.


Stephanie buys Insomnia from C.J. in hopes that Dayzee can get a fresh start. Brooke and Stephanie hunt down Anthony to give him a Christmas blessing. Dayzee and Anthony celebrate the holidays with the Forresters. Felicia shows up for Christmas. Bill continues his mission to break up Liam and Hope. Bill’s party goes on. Circumstances arise and Hope ends up with Oliver. Amber ends up with Liam. Amber manages to worm her way into Liam’s bed. Liam contemplates what’s up with Amber and Hope.


Monday – Hope feels Liam slip away from her as she watches Bill introduce him onstage; Amber follows Liam home and begins her seduction; Hope cries on Oliver’s shoulder; Donna, Marcus and Justin share a sweet family moment at Liam’s party.

Tuesday – Liam finds Amber in his bed and can’t remember anything from the night before; Stephanie decides to buy the Insomnia Café as vehicle to help the homeless, and she renames it Dayzee’s; Liam realizes he has multiple missed phone messages from Hope.

Wednesday – Brooke and Katie embark on another trip to Skid Row so that Brooke can find Anthony; Pam and Thomas arrive at Dayzee’s to help get it ready for the holiday celebration; Stephanie and Dayzee share their vision for the establishment with the others.

Thursday – Brooke introduces Anthony to Katie; Anthony is overwhelmed when Brooke and Katie take him home and offer him a shower and clean clothes; the gang gathers at Dayzee’s, where Stephanie makes a big announcement.

Friday – The Forrester family celebrate Christmas and include their newly extended family at Dayzee’s; Stephanie holds true to her promise to help her fellow man and turns the holiday into one of hope, joy, faith and family.

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DAYS Previews: Week of December 20

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