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Ghost Hunters International Gets New Faces for Season Three


Ghost Hunters International Gets New Faces for Season Three

A new season brings changes for Ghost Hunters International.

Ghost Hunters International Returns With a New Team!

The ever so popular SyFy original series, Ghost Hunters International returns for their third season of investigating the paranormal activity on Wednesday, January 5 at 9pm.  The team of paranormal investigators travels the world in search for things that go bump in the night.

Ghost Hunters International, is a spin-off of the original series Ghost Hunters, which will begin is 7th season later this year.  The unrelated original series of Ghost Hunters was produced by Inca Production and aired on the Discovery Channel, first airing in 1996, but then the format was sold to Pilgrim Films & Television and the re-incarnation was born as Ghost Hunters premiering on SYFY on October 6, 2004. SYFY’s Ghost Hunters consists of the paranormal team led by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson.  Jason and Grant are the founders of the group called The Atlantic Paranormal Society, known by many as T.A.P.S. The Ghost Hunters series inspired Ghost Hunters International and Ghost Hunters Academy, all three series finding huge success among the American public and abroad.  Ghost Hunters International premiered on SYFY on January 9, 2008.

Ghost Hunters International (GHI) comes into its new season with a brand new investigation team, consisting of Barry Fitzgerald, who is an experienced ghost hunter of 17 years will be giving his expertise this season as lead investigator.  Barry has also joined the TAPS team on several paranormal investigations in the past couple years.  He is joined by fellow TAPS member, Kris Williams.

Kris originally was on the Ghost Hunters team and gained her experiences with investigating with founding TAPS members, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson. Born and raised in New England, Kris became a TAPS member as their historical investigator and case manager.  She gained experienced with the team and became a qualified team investigator.  Kris is the newest member of the Ghost Hunter International team, joining the team in August 2010.

The GHI team also includes Joe Chin.  A few months after meeting Jason Hawes, he was asked to join the TAPS team and has been on several investigations with the home team before traveling the world with GHI.  Joe brings his skepticism and technical knowledge to this well rounded ghost hunting team.

Paul Bradford, a native of Britain, will be a part of this next season of GHI.  Paul, a gadget guru by trade came into the fold of GHI as a science fiction junkie and has made strides to find the best tools for he and his team to hunt down the paranormal.  He has invented several different types of tools the GHI and GH teams have used in their search of paranormal activity.  He also has his own team of investigators out of Arizona, called Sonoran Paranormal Investigations, Inc.

A chef by trade and a native of Queens, NY, Scott Tepperman will be a part of the GHI team this season.  He too, formed his own paranormal group, called the Association for Locating Paranormal and Haunted Activity.  After forming the group, Scott has given lectures and seminars on the paranormal on college campuses and other venues, creating the popular “Paranormal 411 Lecture Series.”

Another member who recently joined the team is investigator Susan Slaughter. A Florida native, she was the winner of Ghost Hunters Academy (GHA) season 1 (the first half) and earned a spot on the GHI team.  GHA is a ghost hunting university of sorts that gives potential ghost hunters the opportunity to hunt the paranormal alongside TAPS members Dave Tango and Steve Gonsalves. Each class is taken to known places to have paranormal activity and they are put through the paces of a successful investigation.  The cadets learn the ropes of ghost hunting and gain knowledge of all the aspects of hunting the paranormal.

The team is rounded out with long time paranormal investigator Brit Griffith.  Brit has been seen numerous times with the TAPS team on Ghost Hunters.  He was a part of the GHI team to start out the new season, but was unexpectedly fired by SYFY when he made some derogatory remarks on a paranormal radio show in September 2010.  He subsequently apologized for his remarks on his Facebook page, but was not asked back to the SYFY family.  He still on occasion joins the TAPS team on investigations but is no longer seen on televised episodes of Ghost Hunters or any of the GH family of shows.

The GHI team travel to the most remote places of the world to hunt the paranormal and this new season they will travel to Poland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and the Ukraine to name a few.  In the past, the team has traveled to Wales, Costa Rica, Argentina, Italy, and the Czech Republic.

A new investigation team and new exotic locales make for a ghostly roller coaster ride in the new season of Ghost Hunters International.  To find out more about the show and the team, you can visit the SYFY website –

Ghost Hunters International season 3 premieres on Wednesday, January 5 at 9pm EST on the SYFY channel.

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