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AMC Previews: Week of January 10


Will Greenlee’s attempts to play matchmaker for Madison come at too high price?

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Madison visits her dad in prison to try and get him to sign over her trust fund and she spends some time with Scott commiserating over their controlling fathers. Greenlee also shows up to visit Scott and Madison admits to Greenlee that she hasn’t decided what she will tell Ryan when she can no longer hide her pregnancy. Greenlee tells Scott she can help him and offers Scott a job at the hospital if he dates Madison. Kendall offers Madison a job and agrees to let her work from home so she can avoid Greenlee. Ryan learns that Zack died before he finalized the deal for the casino sale and begins to wonder if Zach’s death was the result of foul play. Madison overhears Ryan admitting his suspicions about Zach’s death, and he insists she mustn’t tell Kendall.

Madison tells Greenlee she got a job. Ryan gets a phone call confirming his suspicions about Zach’s death but he doesn’t want to inform Kendall until there is more hard evidence. Randi and Frankie aren’t convinced that Madison really wants to keep away from Ryan. Scott sends Madison a letter that prompts a visit. Scott also persuades Greenlee to testify for him at his parole hearing and when Ryan hears about it he compliments her on her good heartedness. Ryan assures Madison that he will protect her, Kendall and the children from the people responsible for Zach’s death. Ryan comes clean with Greenlee about his investigation into Zach’s death after she sees a text from Madison. Scott tells Marissa he understands her reasons for wanting him to walk away from her but that isn’t what he wants.


Damon tells Tad he slept with Liza and Tad advises him not to tell Colby. Tad goes to see Liza who confesses she worries she’s becoming like her own mother. Damon admits to Colby he slept with someone but won’t say who it is. Colby tries to get Tad to find out for her. Tad disappoints Colby by saying perhaps she and Damon aren’t meant to be, but Colby refuses to believe it. Natalia loses her nerve when things get hot and heavy with Brot. She later admits she was scared because she is a virgin. Brot and Natalia make love.

JR’s plans to take Annie on a surprise getaway are wrecked when Annie’s jealousy and insecurity get the best of her. Annie accidentally knocks out Marissa and stages a burglary to cover. Not only does JR postpone their trip, but also delays his divorce proceedings. Griiffin persuades Cara to work with Kendall at her home rather than the hospital to keep distance between her and Jake. Amanda is surprised to learn that Cara is responsible for Kendall reuniting with her children. Amanda has had enough of Annie’s problems and is suspicious that Annie set up the burglary.


When a lawyer tells Ryan that Zach died before the casino sale was finalized he starts to think Zach might have been murdered on Monday, January 10.

Griffin is confused when the government representative tells him that he spoke with Cara earlier regarding her papers (Amanda was the one who made the call, claiming she was Cara) on Tuesday, January 11.

Annie’s insecurity and paranoia over JR grows and becomes directed towards Marissa on Wednesday, January 12.

Ryan becomes frustrated over the contents of Zach’s FAA report. Ryan reassures Madison that he will protect her, Kendall and the kids from Zach’s assailants on Thursday, January 13.

Annie becomes even more delusional when JR postpones the divorce due to what’s happened to Marissa on Friday, January 14.

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