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OLTL Previews Week of January 10


Kelly and Rex find the goods on Aubrey with disappointing results.

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A concerned John tracks Natalie’s car to the Buchanan lodge. Meanwhile, Marty’s conscience kicks in and she returns to Natalie’s aid. Marty determines the baby is at risk and requires a breach. John arrives at the lodge and Marty hands him the baby. Marty insists that the newborn is hers and John’s son, and that Natalie kidnapped her because she wanted to steal their baby. Natalie turns Marty’s lunatic raving to her advantage. Jessica also delivers a healthy boy, by Cesarean section, and she and Brody are thrilled and happy. John and Brody visit with Natalie and Jessica and their babies. Natalie feels some discomfort when Brody holds her child. Marty slips further into insanity believing that she and John are together and with their child form a happy family. Roxy confronts Marty about tormenting Natalie and Marty knocks her out and leaves her restrained in the hospital. Marty visits the nursery.

Kelly and Rex get their hands on the incriminating photos of Aubrey in the magazine she’s been so desperately trying to cover up. While Kelly goes to the hospital to tell Joey that Aubrey is cheating on him, Aubrey cheats. When Joey sees the photograph, he brushes it off, but later demonstrates he’s really more upset than he let on. Kelly tells Rex that her revelation didn’t have the desired impact. Joey confronts Aubrey about the photo, but Cutter appears and introduces himself as Aubrey’s brother. A relieved Joey accepts Aubrey’s explanation, but Aubrey worries Kelly will uncover the truth. Dorian encourages Kelly to not give up on Joey.


Rex takes a small step toward accepting Echo as his mother. Echo exposes Dorian’s ruse at the AA meeting. Dorian demands Echo confess that Clint is Rex’s father. Charlie struggles to stay sober. Blair asks Todd if he knows anything about the painting she found in the box. Todd is determined to find out who tried to frame him for Eddie’s murder. Rex tells Bo that Marty prescribed drugs for Inez that she could have used on him. Courtroom chaos ensues when Tea accuses Inez of murder, and Todd bursts into the court with evidence that Nate framed him.


Dorian infiltrates Echo’s AA meeting. Echo verges on confessing all about Rex, Clint and Charlie when she recognizes incognito Dorian in the group on Monday, January 10

Joey defends Aubrey to Kelly when he sees the photo of Aubrey and a man in the magazine on Tuesday, January 11.

A delusional Marty tells John how she and Natalie ended up at the lodge together, but insists it was all because Natalie wanted to steal Marty and John’s baby on Wednesday, January 12.

Clint is grateful that Matt didn’t tell his parents that it was Clint who ratted out Bo and Inez to Matthew on Thursday, January 13.

John and Brody visit with Natalie and Jessica and their babies. Marty sinks deeper into psychosis, hallucinating that she and John are together with a baby on Friday, January 14.

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