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GH Previews: Week of January 10


Danger looms as Sonny & Brenda begin to plan their wedding.

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Wedding Plans

Both Brenda and Dante are interrogated by their lawyer, Theo, about the civil suit against them. Lulu questions Dante’s commitment to Brenda. The Balkan plots to use his mole to execute his revenge plans against Brenda. Sonny buys a set of wedding rings with a romantic backstory. Lulu demands that Dante stop guarding Brenda. Sonny wows Brenda with Carol Cheng, wedding planner extraordinaire. Sonny and Brenda make wedding plans.

Later, Sonny has a nightmare premonition about the wedding day. Jason refuses to accept the Balkan is dead without tangible evidence, but Brenda believes Jason still sees danger looming because he doesn’t want her to leave him. With Brenda by his side, Sonny manages to convince Dante to stand up for him and be best man at the wedding. The Balkan reveals his plans for Sonny and Brenda’s wedding day. Jason and Dante learn Jerry is not the Balkan, who still remains at large. Brenda is threatened by the Balkan.


Michael and Sonny have a heart to heart about Abby. Meanwhile, Abby refuses to be bought off by Carly and stands up for herself and her friendship with Michael. Lisa is quick to play Patrick against Terrell. Alexis tells Jax to make a choice between Carly and Brenda. Michael’s presence brings Abby to tears as he watches her dance at the club. Sam is told at her annual OBGYN visit that a new procedure could allow for her miracle pregnancy. Jason has reason to believe there may be a traitor in the midst. Abby’s abusive ex-boyfriend resurfaces. Brenda comforts Jax. Patrick smells a rat when he sees Lisa and Johnny together.

Alexis and Kristina try to prepare Molly to receive a school award for her heroism during the bus accident, but Molly fakes sick. Elizabeth refuses Steve’s financial help. Brook Lynn and Nikolas continue to bond. Ethan drops onto Johnny’s doorstep with injuries from a loan shark. Lucky admits his feelings to Siobhan. Spinelli lets it slip to Jason that Carly has leverage of her own to stop Sonny and Brenda’s wedding. Abby is arrested for prostitution. Robin consents to let Terrell shadow her at the hospital. Patrick confronts Johnny. Diane nearly learns of the Balkan’s true identity. At GH, Johnny holds syringe over Lisa’s head. Brook Lynn asks Lucky for help with Nikolas. Lisa congratulates Terrell on playing the HIV card with Robin, but Terrell reveals the story is true. Siobhan announces that she wants to break up with Lucky.


Brenda goes over wedding plans with Jason and Spinelli, and manages to convince Jason to her away the day of the ceremony on Monday, January 10th.

Michael and Abby share their first kiss on Tuesday, January 11th.

The body believed to be Jerry Jacks is pulled out of the harbor on Wednesday, January 12th.

Maya admits her true feelings about Ethan to Johnny on Thursday, January 13th.

Terrell connects with Robin where he tells her about his friend Ricky, who died of AIDS on Friday, January 14th.


Jason tries to call off the wedding. Johnny warns Lisa that Patrick is on to her. Lulu and Dante break up. Molly behaves out of character. Michael lashes out at Carly. The Balkan plans to kidnap Brenda on her wedding day. Nikolas and Brook Lynn kiss. Sonny and Molly discuss bipolar disorder.

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