GH: A Painful Admission Brings An Emotional Reveal


Michael’s admission of his traumatic attack in prison struck an emotional chord, providing stars Chad Duell, Steve Burton and Laura Wright with the material needed to deliver heart wrenching performances.

Praise For All Involved

The day finally arrived when Michael Corinthos III admitted what viewers have suspected for months — he was raped in prison. I know not everyone was looking forward to this reveal as it is a difficult subject, however it’s a real life issue that unfortunately happens way too much. This subject matter happens to hit home for me so I was interested in seeing how it all played out. Even though we’re only at the beginning of this reveal, I am blown away by the performances. In part due to the always amazing writing by Michele Val Jean and the departing Karen Harris, and the brilliant performance by Chad Duell, the reveal had me in tears.

There were many, including myself, who had reservations about a new actor taking over the role after Drew Garrett’s abrupt firing. Casting director Mark Teschner saw in Chad what viewers would eventually see. Chad has quelled those concerns for many, taking such a complex role and making it his own. His portrayal of the inner turmoil Michael endured for months was true to form. Chad has the innate ability to show viewers what he’s feeling with just a simple look. Since joining GH, Chad’s played every emotion with such a conviction and dedication that has made us feel what Michael feels in the process. When Michael revealed to Jason the secret that’s been tearing at his soul for months, it was one of those moments where you became immersed in the scene. I wasn’t at home watching a television show; I was now in the penthouse with Michael and Jason. Chad’s delivery was full of such raw emotion – it was something powerful that struck a very emotional chord with me.

The mother in me eagerly awaited for the moment that Carly would learn of her son’s pain. As expected, Carly learning of Michael’s rape brought tears to my eyes, but I expected more. Laura Wright did an amazing job showing Carly’s emotion while trying to stay calm enough to talk to Michael about his need for therapy. However I can’t help but hope we get a scene where she’s alone, able to let her emotion and pain free and completely lose it. A scene similar to the one shortly after Michael’s shooting when Carly broke down while holding Michael’s clothes. I’m holding out hope that we get this.

I also have to extend a round of applause for Steve Burton. Simply put, he was phenomenal. I can’t remember the last time I saw Jason like that and felt for him the way I did. I loved we were able to see Jason overcome with such emotion and it was fitting for it to be in regards to Michael. The immense level of guilt Jason has carried was finally out. My heart went out to him.

I do have one problem with this whole thing and that’s the promo for this week. “Can Sonny help his son heal,” asks the voiceover. What does this have to do with Sonny? I get that he’s Michael father, but this didn’t happen to him. I don’t care about Sonny’s feeling, nor do I care about Dante’s either. Instead of going off on a rant, I’ll end this with how I feel the promo should have gone: “How will Michael heal?” That is what’s important; not how everyone around him feels. Not how they’ll deal with it. Michael is who matters.

What do you all think should happen for him? I’m hoping Jason continues to support Michael and encourages him not to make the same mistakes as he did. Maybe reconnect with his Quartermaine relatives and head in a different direction than the life he was given.

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