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AMC Previews: Week of March 28


Kendall promises Griffin the money he needs.

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Cara makes good use of her auction “date” by bringing Ricky to the hospital to visit sick patients. Ricky’s incessant questioning about Griffin raises red flags for Cara and she insists she won’t tell Griffin to stay away from Kendall. Ricky’s temper erupts for an instant, but Cara won’t back down and Tad arrives to whisk her away. Meanwhile, Kendall and Griffin’s date in the part is proceeding nicely, but Kendall is clever, using wine and her winning ways to get answers to her questions instead of intimidation. Later Ricky watches as Griffin returns Kendall home. Kendall later admits to Greenlee that she’s getting closer to Ricky because he is a good friend. Griffin tells Cara he had fun with Kendall, but balks at calling it a date. There is noticeable tension when Kendall and Griffin bump into each other at Confusion, but they quickly move past it and Kendall pleases Griffin by telling him she will get the money he needs from Zach, until they both realize that means Griffin will be able to leave Pine Valley soon. When Kendall shows up for her Doctor’s appointment with Griffin she notices a strange woman hanging around, and Griffin admits the woman has persistently invited him to lunch. Ricky scores tickets to a ballgame for himself, Kendall and the boys, but Kendall says she has other plans. Ricky stalls Diane, telling her he’s still got a plan to seduce Kendall.

Asher leaps to the erroneous conclusion that Colby won his “date” at the auction when she invites him to sit with her. She corrects him and says she’s still not over Damon. Colby tells her viewers she’s not ready to risk her heart again. Caleb swears to Asher he didn’t bid on him at the auction. Then Caleb admits his feelings to Erica who tells him she doesn’t return his feelings and pleads with him to stop. Caleb insists he will wait for her. Then Erica breaks up a warm moment between Jack and Krystal, and warns Krystal that she’s wasting her time. Erica tells Jack she wants to get married tonight to prove her love, and Jackson agrees. Jackson plans their trip to St. Bart’s and Erica let’s Caleb’s call go through to voicemail. Bianca questions Erica’s motives for the hurry up wedding. Erica’s maid tells Caleb about the wedding.


Reese agrees to joint custody and JR and Marissa go to share the news with Bianca together. JR promises AJ they will be a family again. Marissa finds a new contract for Reese on JR’s desk and he admits he did it to get Reese to expedite the custody agreement. Marissa stays to play with JR and AJ. Angie breaks down and admits her fears. Jesse and Angie revisit the site of their wedding and Angie goes into labor. Unable to get the ambulance there in time, Jesse prepares to deliver his baby. Although in Jake’s earshot Amanda swears she’s not concerned with Cara and Jake working together, later she makes it crystal clear to Cara that the early morning phone calls are not appreciated. Randi and Frankie throw caution to the wind.


Jake and Tad throw a party for Angie and they give her and Jesse a memory book containing the story of their relationship on Monday, March 28.

she warns Krystal that she’s wasting her time trying to move in on Jack. Erica says she wants to get married tonight on Tuesday, March 29.

In a phone conversation with Bianca, Marissa says that she doesn’t need to be talked out of spending more time with JR as she is having fun on Wednesday, March 30.

Amanda assures Jake and Cara she is unaffected by their partnership and urges them to get to work on Thursday, March 31.

When a persistent Sara won’t leave Griffin alone, Kendall comes to his rescue on Friday, April 1.


Ricky frames Griffin for murder and Emma receives therapy.

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