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OLTL Previews: Week of March 28


Tess is up to her old tricks and Marty returns to Llanview.

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Momentarily freed, Jessica is stunned to learn what Tess has been up to and is determined to get her son. Jessica and Brody go together to Ford’s apartment to see Ryder. Although he resists initially, Ford allows Jessica into the apartment and she has an emotional reunion with Ryder. Her attempt to leave with her son and Brody are thwarted however when Ford uses Brody and Natalie’s betrayal to draw Tess back out. Free again, Tess is back to her old tricks. James is shaken when he receives Deanna’s friend request. The porn director tries to lure Deanna into appearing in his film, but she takes off to see James. When she arrives at James’s apartment she sees him with Ryder, and Tess allows her to believe that Ryder is James’s son. Desperate and broke, Deanna reconsiders doing the “adult film” she was offered. While helping James conduct a job search on MyFace, Starr notices Deanna’s friend request and tells James she saw Deanna at the Buenos Dias Café. James admits that Deanna is his old girl friend. James finds Deanna in time to prevent her from shooting the adult film. When he explains Ryder isn’t his son, Deanna kisses him.

Rex ferrets out the evidence he needs to see Clint arrested for Eddie Ford’s murder. Natalie is devastated to learn that her father has been placed under arrest. John comforts her, but admits he knew Clint was a suspect and never told Natalie. Having Jessica and Ryder ripped from him again is more than Brody can bear and he seeks comfort in Natalie’s arms, while John looks on. John gets right to work on the investigation into Todd’s shooting. Blair gives him the photo Tomas had of her with Todd, and admits it made her uncomfortable to find Tomas alone by Todd’s bed. After sleeping together again, John and Kelly understand more clearly what is happening between them. Brody and Natalie are surprised when Marty comes upon them and reveals that John assisted in getting her released from St. Anne’s. Furious, Natalie goes to confront John about unleashing Marty. Meanwhile the rest of the citizens of Llanview deal with the shock of Clint’s arrest. First Viki, then Bo visit Clint in his cell. When Bo urges Clint to spare the family a trial, Clint warns he won’t go down alone. Nora tries to remember what happened to her the night of Eddie’s murder and faints. When Clint and Bo discover her, Clint warns them not to push things. Nora and Bo are stunned when Clint reveals the real murderer.


David and Dorian get married. When Dani tells Blair about Shane’s asthma attack and Jack’s involvement, she’s met with disbelief. Starr and James interrupt Jack in the process of confessing to his dad, and he lashes out about Dani and James. Rex discovers Jack has been bullying Shane for months and confronts him. Jack tries to deny it but Starr then questions him about seeing Shane naked in the gym. Jack gives in to his cohorts and agrees to allow the video of Shane to go out on the internet. Humiliated, Shane leaves school. When Gigi and Rex return home they find a disturbing note left by Shane.


Blair and Cristian have a memorable run in with Kassandra Kavanaugh (as played by Kourtney Kardashian). Phyllis Rose (as played by Wendy Williams) covers the story for “Access Llanview”. on Monday, March 28.

Deanna, believing James and Starr are couple with a child, prepares to leave town. But the porn producer charms her into staying on Tuesday, March 29.

Marty shows up to Natalie and Brody, and Natalie is enraged to hear John vouched for her release from St. Ann’s on Wednesday, March 30.

Tess remains confident that she and Ford will get custody when the court discovers that Viki and Charlie aren’t the perfect happy married couple. Tess sends Viki the picture of Charlie and Echo kissing on Thursday, March 31.

Viki reels over the photo of Echo and Charlie kissing. Viki goes in search of Charlie and finds him in bed with Echo on Friday, April 1.


Gigi and Rex are alarmed to find Shane on a precarious perch, while Blair faces some hard truths about Jack, father and daughter reconnect and Tess and Cutter share a steamy kiss.

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