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GH Previews: Week of March 28


The hit and run driver is revealed…


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A Family Consumed with Grief

After the identity of the driver in Jake’s hit and run is revealed, Luke falls into his old patterns. Lucky confronts Luke about his alcoholism. Lulu tries to support Elizabeth as she mourns Jake’s death. A grieving Jason must protect Josslyn after Franco’s video threat, despite Carly’s hesitancy to involve him. Shawn takes on the role of Josslyn’s bodyguard. In light of Jake’s death, Sam secretly admits to Josslyn that she does indeed want to have a baby with Jason. Lulu makes sense of Luke’s drinking habit. Jax is not happy to learn that Shawn is protecting Carly and Josslyn. Brenda tries to visit Carly and Josslyn at the hospital, but Carly won’t hear her well wishes.

Sonny and Luke share a heartbreaking father to father conversation. Carly breaks down to Shawn over trading Jake’s life for Josslyn’s. Lulu continues to worry about how Jake’s death will affect her family. Despite Nikolas’s support, Elizabeth’s pain turns to helpless anger when she reviews the paternity test results again. Lucky confides in Maxie. Carly urges Jason not to go after Franco and instead take care of himself after the loss of Jake. Sonny visits Josslyn, expressing both his concern and admiration for Carly. Jason and Sam play what if wondering whether he should have given up Jake. The two realize a parent can’t protect their child from everything, and that all a parent can do is love their child.


Michael and Abby encounter Brandon, who has been let out of jail. Dante and Lulu agree to put family first but while upholding the law. The Scorpio-Drake family shares their favorite meal together. Abby drops the charges against Brandon to protect Michael. Meanwhile, Michael gets his hands on a gun.

Theo gets closer to finding his grandson. Lisa zeroes in when Kristina volunteers to babysit Emma. Brandon appears at Abby’s apartment and beats her. Brenda reveals her desperate longing to be a mother. Suzanne disposes of Theo just as he is about to meet his grandson. Maxie finds herself to be Spinelli’s literary muse.


Michael and Abby hit the sheets on Monday, March 28th.

The honeymoon’s over for Sonny & Brenda on Tuesday, March 29th.

Robin & Patrick flaunt their rekindled love in front of Lisa on Wednesday, March 30th.

Sonny surprises Brenda on her birthday on Thursday, March 31st.

Michael holds Abby’s ex-boyfriend at gunpoint on Friday, April 1st.


Robin suggests marriage counseling to Patrick. Suzanne delivers Brenda an important package. Brandon winds up dead. Lisa continues to work Kristina. Nikolas and Brook Lynn say their goodbyes. Luke loses control. Lucky pushes forward with his marriage to Siobhan. Carly enlists Sam to give Jason a baby.

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