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Crystal Chappell Talks Carly’s “Unraveling” to Soap Opera Digest


Crystal Chappell (Carly, DAYS) has a new storyline that she can really sink her teeth into. The actress spoke to Soap Opera Digest previewing what’s to come for her character.

New Storyline For The Emmy Winning Crystal Chappell

Since her return to Salem, Dr. Carly Manning has kept a majority of her life with ex-husband, Lawrence Alamain mystery…until now it seems. The good doctor, who’s sacrificed a lot to protect those she loves, becomes unglued as her world, both professionally and personally begins to unravel.

In a recent interview with Soap Opera Digest, Crystal Chappell expressed her excitement and happiness for her upcoming storyline, which will see Dr. Carly Manning spiral out of control. “I was so happy. It’s just nice to play a character who doesn’t have to be so together all the time, especially a doctor. I was happy they were willing to look at this woman’s past and what she’s been through, not in just the past year, but the past 15, and have that part of her unraveling.”

This coming week, Carly loses a young patient and it affects her greatly. The young 14 year old boy reminds Carly of her son, Nicholas, a son who she has had a falling out with. The young boy who wants his doctor to save him, and she does everything she can, but it’s out of her hands and the boy dies. Carly distraught from losing her patient, leaves the hospital and runs into Bo who wants information on a case and is hesitant in consoling her. “She realizes just how much she has lost. She not only lost the man she loves, but she lost a friend. And then she has to tell the mother ‘Your son is gone,’ so she decides to get out of the hospital for a break.” Chappell previewed to Digest.

When Carly sees Bo and Hope kissing on the pier, she runs back to the hospital. Carly begins to remember her abusive life with Lawrence and she begins to fall apart. Carly remembers Bo’s words of love and how he told her, he would always be there for her and in that moment, and she realizes it’s all gone.  With a syringe in her hand, the good doctor stabs herself in her thigh and injects the drug into her body.

“It’s been so honest and so true to who she is and where she comes from.  It’s been fun for me to explore it,” the actress adds.  “They’ve written it wonderfully and given me a lot of rich stuff to play.  I’m a happy actress.”

Editor’s POV: The new storyline for Carly Manning looks to be a good direction for Chappell’s character. There’s so much for the writers to delve into, with a long unhappy marriage with an abusive husband finally taking its toll on this intelligent, beautiful doctor. Also delving into Carly’s past with her estranged son, Nicholas, whom we haven’t seen since Victor Webster’s stint in 2000 has us excited. With Crystal Chappell portraying this character, we are expecting a grand slam this multi-talented actress, and this story could quite possibly be another Emmy win for this daytime starlet.

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