DAYS Previews: Week of March 28

Melanie says goodbye to an old chapter in her life and tries to begin anew. Stefano and EJ are unaware of the trouble heading their way.


Monday – EJ tells Taylor he can’t deny his feelings for her anymore. Fay and Nicole bond. Carly is distraught over losing a young patient in surgery. Jennifer bids a warm farewell to Nathan. Ciara and Theo make plans to leave home forever.

Tuesday – Carly confides to Daniel that she’s having a tough day. Imposter Rafe gets aggressive with Sami. Abigail tells Jennifer that she and Chad are through. Fay notices the heat between EJ and Taylor. Vivian remains determined to find out about Stefano’s secrets.

Wednesday – Victor protects an associate from Brady’s hostile tactics. Vivian tries to make a deal with Nicole. Nicole tells Stefano that Rafe and Sami seem to be having issues. Fay asks EJ about his intentions toward Taylor. Brady confides in Taylor.

Thursday – Melanie says a final good-bye to Parker. EJ tells Taylor he will keep his distance from her. Nicole refuses to join Vivian in her crusade to bring down Kate. Imposter Rafe demands a meeting with Stefano and EJ. Brady tells Dario to get out of town.

Friday – Fay overheaers EJ, Stefano and Imposter Rafe’s evil plot. Melanie and Brady share a warm moment that is broken up by Chloe. Ciara reiterates her plan with Theo to run away from home. Melanie has a run-in with Dario.

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