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B&B Previews: Week of March 28


Steffy continues to get closer to Bill; Amber’s scheme may be exposed.



Steffy is shocked by Thomas’s words and throws an accusation at him. Stephanie and Brooke fly to Paris together. Ridge makes his choice. One woman will be devastated. Thomas and Ridge get into yet another argument. Katie goes to the Shady Marlin to seek refuge but is followed by Steffy. Steffy snitches to Bill about Katie’s whereabouts. Liam wakes up in his baby mama’s bed. Amber and Liam have to make a choice. Carl returns threatens to expose Amber’s scheme. Hope makes her feelings known to Amber.


Monday – Taylor informs Whip that she’s in Paris with Ridge, and Whip gets upset. Stephanie tells Brooke she regrets ever trusting her. Thomas explains to Steffy that Ridge should have had more trust and respect for him. Brooke tells Ridge her side of the story.

Tuesday – Thomas asks Taylor to end her campaign against Brooke. Ridge surprises Brooke, Taylor and Stephanie with the way he responds to the questions regarding his marriage. Steffy thinks Thomas isn’t confessing to his full feelings.

Wednesday – Bill puts a stop to Steffy badmouthing his wife. Amber and Liam go to their first ultrasound. Katie becomes angrier at Bill when she catches him and Steffy alone together. Oliver and Hope reminisce about their good times together.

Thursday – Liam questions Amber about who Carol is and what his cryptic comments meant. Carl gives Amber a final warning. Steffy follows Katie and his shocked by where she goes. Ridge makes new plans for the Taboo line.

Friday – Katie tells Nick that she’s grateful to him. Steffy tells Bill that he needs to get to Nick’s boat. Liam tries to reassure Hope. Amber confronts Liam and attemps to seduce him.

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