DAYS Previews: Week of March 14

The sexual tension between EJ and Taylor continues to grow; Gabi has a connection to the thief.


Monday – Sami catches imposter Rafe giving Johnny some shocking advice. Daniel realizes Carly is still hurting over Bo. Melanie tells Carly that things are over between her and Nathan. Will and Gabi confront Kinsey about Gabi’s stolen earrings.

Tuesday – Nicole informs Stefano that Fay and Taylor are moving in. Melanie and Brady share a sweet moment. Gabi recognizes the thief who stole her earrings, but imposter Rafe does not. Kate asks EJ why he pushed for her to get Allie out of town.

Wednesday – The sexual tension between EJ and Taylor mounts. Imposter Rafe calls Stefano for advice. Brady brings Melanie home. Daniel warns Chloe that he’s filing for divorce. Stefano tells his henchman to take away Rafe’s belongings.

Thursday – Jennifer tells Abigail that he is filing for divorce. EJ crosses a line with Taylor. Melanie vows to Will that she’ll make Dario’s life a living hell. Daniel takes off his wedding ring. Gabi and Will enlist Justin’s help.

Friday – Imposter Rafe loses it with Sami. Daniel gives Nathan strong advice about moving on. EJ apologizes to Taylor. Justin and Adrienne plan their wedding. Imposter Rafe suggests to EJ that they get rid of Dario.

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