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OLTL Previews: Week of April 11



Natalie’s fury erupts when she finds John moping over Liam’s sonogram. She rips up the sonogram and tells John it’s time to decide, either they will be together as a family or move on. John tells Natalie it’s impossible for them to be together and Natalie returns his engagement ring.

Meanwhile, Marty and Vimal have an encounter at Statesville, and Vimal begins to question Marty’s presence in the DNA Lab. As Marty exits, Liam’s paternity results slip to the floor, but she manages to pick the page up before Cristian (who is at Statesville with Rama) gets a good look. Cristian visits Natalie to let her know Marty is carrying around Liam’s paternity results and Natalie tells Cris that things are officially over with John. Marty queries John about how he would do things differently if Liam were his son.

Ford interrupts Tess and Cutter’s tryst in the steam room and threatens to tell Brody, Aubrey and Joey, but Cutter tells Ford that reveal would blow his custody plans for Ryder sky high. Ford agrees to keep his mouth shut. Tess figures out what Cutter and Aubrey are up to, and she wants a cut of the action, but she’s very clear that she has no intention of giving up Cutter. Aubrey and Cutter argue about Tess. Tess and Ford put aside their differences to comfort a fussy Ryder. Tess has another bombshell ready to blow up Viki’s custody fight. When Cutter arrives, he and Tess don’t conceal their obvious attraction to each other from Ford.


Joey and Kelly fight over her relationship with John. Clint tells Kelly that Cutter and Aubrey are lovers, but when Dorian suggest Kelly use the information to get Joey back, Kelly decides to stay out of it. Charlie promises Echo that after Viki wins custody of Ryder he will be with her, but Viki refuses his support and they part ways. Jack refuses to apologize to Shane, and Blair is tormented that she’s a bad mother. Tomas catches Tea rifling through his belongings and correctly surmises her suspicions have been piqued by John McBain. Clint is horrified to learn Shane attempted suicide. Starr interrupts Deanna’s explanation of why she broke things off with James. Langston is leaving to write the screenplay for David and Dorian’s production and will be working with Markko.


Vimal questions why Marty spent so much time in the genetics lab the night he switched the DNA results on Monday, April 11.

Clint tells Kelly the tape he made had proof that Aubrey and Cutter were lovers out to rip off Joey on Tuesday, April 12.

Viki refuses Charlie’s offer to stick with her until Ryder’s custody is decided. They share a bittersweet goodbye on Wednesday, April 13.

Blair is upended when Rex informs that Jack’s bullying caused Shane to attempt suicide. Jack is defensive but rattled by the fallout of his reign of terror on Thursday, April 14.

Clint goes to Rex to find out how Shane is doing but they end up in a huge fight with Rex resenting Clint’s suddenly caring when he did so much to reject Rex on Friday, April 15.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of April 18

Rex makes a proposal, Marty confesses a secret, and letting go isn’t so easy for John.

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