DAYS Previews: Week of April 11

Bo and Hope search for Ciara after she runs away; Sami leaves town with the kids to visit her brother; Nicole is determined to uncover EJ’s secret.


Monday – Taylor allows herself to seek comfort in EJ’s arms. Vivian has fun tormenting Chloe. Gus and Vivian sneak into Stefano’s house. Nicole vows to uncover EJ’s secret. Philip takes Chloe out for an open-mic night at the Brady Pub.

Tuesday – Melanie is threatened by a masked man. Daniel and Jennifer are forced to face their attraction. Carly feigns an elbow injury to get a prescription from Lexie. Melanie and Dario seek help from imposter Rafe.

Wednesday – Nicole eavesdrops on EJ and Stefano. Sami tells EJ she’s taking the kids out of town to visit Eric. Ciara and Theo run away again. Carly blows up at Daniel as he examines her elbow. Jennifer and Daniel express concern for Carly’s emotional state.

Thursday – Nicole slaps imposter Rafe for being inappropriate. Bo and Hope search for Ciara and Theo. Kate advises Stefano to get Abigail out of Chad’s life. Lexie comforts Abe. EJ congratulates imposter Rafe on driving Sami away.

Friday – Philip and Kate have it out. Gabi and Will decide to do an intervention for Sami and Rafe. Philip relays bad news to Chloe about their shared-custody request. Ciara doesn’t answer her phone when Hope calls. EJ and Nicole play a game of cat and mouse.