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Wedding guests and uninvited intrusions converge on St. Bart’s for Erica and Jackson’s wedding. A string of bad luck makes Erica and Jackson uneasy, but they choose to ignore the omens. Caleb manages to keep Asher out of jail after another incident involving Colby, and Asher figures out that Caleb was planning to go to St. Bart’s to crash Erica’s wedding.

Caleb leaves an urgent voice mail for Erica explaining that he’s on his way and needs to speak with her, but Erica deletes the message. Krystal is disappointed when Jackson tells her that the wedding is still on, and admits to Tad that she has feelings for Jackson. Marissa persuades Krystal to escape to St. Bart’s to give Bianca the good news about Reese agreeing to full custody and for a little vacation. Caleb arrives and makes his case to Erica and tells her he will be at the airport if she decides to give him a chance. Erica goes to her wedding rehearsal and sees Jack waiting at the altar, but before she can go to Jack, an assailant chloroforms her and kidnaps her. When Erica doesn’t show up, everyone is concerned. Opal tells Jackson Caleb may have something to do with it, but Jackson believes Erica was kidnapped, and when he finds Caleb he learns Erica didn’t show up at the airport either. Ricky continues to ingratiate himself with Kendall’s family, while Griffin’s problems escalate. Griffin’s bail is denied, and when Ricky gets word he tells his minion to see that Griffin is killed in jail. Ricky makes it his mission to get closer to Kendall, but when Kendall learns that Griffin has been stabbed in jail, she makes the decision to return to Pine Valley while Jackson and Bianca remain to look for Erica.


Jake and Amanda work to free Griffin, and Amanda and Tad are both uncomfortable. Maya wants a job at the Chandler mansion but after she passes out, JR insists she receive medical attention. Emma’s enthusiasm for the trip to the ocean wanes when she learns that Greenlee is going too. Angie encourages Jesse not to quit his job, but he wants to spend more time with his wife and baby daughter. JR gives Marissa his two year sobriety chip.


Kendall explains about the drugs to Jesse and Griffin requests a lawyer. Griffin tells Kendall that he never trusted anyone with something so personal and realizes now that doing so was a mistake on Monday, April 11.

Maya meets with Frankie and tells him that she recently gave birth but had to give the baby away on Tuesday, April 12.

Caleb declares his love and asks Erica to take a chance with him on Wednesday, April 13.

Erica arrives for the rehearsal and sees Jack at the altar but before she can do anything someone puts a cloth over her mouth and she passes out on Thursday, April 14.

As Greenlee talks to Ryan about Erica being an evil stepmother, Emma claims now she knows how she feels. Erica is being held against her will and demands to know who kidnapped her on Friday, April 15.


Kendall’s discovery may prove Zach was murdered, Griffin is charged with murder, Jesse’s anxiety grows.

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